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360 Remote not working but does for volume/input buttons

This is a new one as the /360 remote only seems to work for the physical tv functions such as volume, mute, power (tv only) and the input mode button and changing inputs - that is all. It was working fine until an hour. The lighting on the remote doe...

adhiren by Dialled in
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Resolved! Satellite required for TV package?

Hi I'm looking to get a TV package, do you need a Satellite if so is there an option to get the TV package with a Satellite. Thanks     [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Nzaffar by Joining in
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Mini box loud fan since 5.01 update

So ever since the update 5.01 was pushed to our mini box, we’re experiencing sporadic loud fan “wurry” noises on our mini box. Seems to not be instantly, but after at least an hour of the box being switched on. Tried all the usual resetting, turning ...

jonr2012 by On our wavelength
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Pixelated tv channels

Hello,Anyone else noticed pixelated tv channels on TV 360 in the last week or so? Makes watching frustrating and yes, I've tried rebooting, the cables are fine and there is not interference from other sources. We recently had phone problems in the Cr...

Resolved! BT sport not working

BT Sports suddenly stopped last night near the end of the football. Since then it's just displaying an advert for next weeks West Ham match! No joy from BT sport they say speak to virgin which I've been unable to do

cojo150 by Tuning in
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UEFA Europa League final available free tonight

BT Sports coverage of the UEFA Europa League final between Sevilla & Roma will be available free to all customers tonight.A pop-up version of BT Sports 1 HD has now arrived on channel 524.The channel remains on the EPG for the UEFA Conference League ...

nodrogd by Very Insightful Person
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V6 to 360 on one box only?

Can I upgrade only one of my 2 boxes to 360?   I just want the remote really in the lounge - the V6 remote is the worst design ever.  So many buttons.  2 circles of buttons.  It's truly terrible.  But I know the V6 Also can I still record on one box ...

prowl by Dialled in
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Resolved! STV HD - Pixelation

I am in Scotland Area 11 and our STV HD on 103 is totally pixelated and unwatchable. Status says there are no problems in the area and this is the only channel that is like this. Even STV+1 is working no problem. There have been the odd blip recently...

s9750 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Different remotes from V6 and TV360 ?

Reading a thread from 2021 (360 Features v TIVO Features by NewApollo), I did not quite understand the comment: "Each 360 remote pairs 1 to 1 with the box, it does not use infra-red (IR). This means you can only use one remote with a box and not mult...

jw1949 by Dialled in
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