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Cable Problems - Squirrels...

Hello,Despite me noting concern about how deep the installation team buried my cable (1 cm is clearly not deep enough) it’s now been dug up in 4 places by squirrels, in one place it’s been chewed along 1 foot section.Service seems unaffected.How can ...

jim2541 by Tuning in
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No Wall Socket for Quickstart

Hi there,I am getting a new broadband contract and the quickstart kit is being sent to me but I do not have the wall socket which I can see is needed to use the kit, can an engineer please be arranged for this? Many thanks 

Emmoh by Joining in
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Resolved! No virgin media wall socket.

   I have the quickstart pack but unfortunately cannot get broadband set up and working.The only vm wall socket that i can see is for  an ethernet port.I’m I missing something?Thank you for your help

D622A6B3-B289-4BBA-9B2F-1512E89A939C.jpeg F501F9E7-5B57-433F-B85B-8182466B1EC5.jpeg DEE9C303-1C0D-4407-9854-5B34005B0B67.jpeg
vmcusto1 by Joining in
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Resolved! Switching to Vrigin broadband

I recently moved into a new home with Sky broadband installed. However I want to switch to Virgin.The Sky router is simply connected to an Openreach socket, if I want to switch, do I just unplug the Sky router, and plug in the Virgin hub? I am a bit ...

Unserviceable address

Hi, I contacted virgin about 4months ago about getting virgin installed and got told 5days later it was unserviceable but no reason why! So when I tried to contact them back I still got no reply as to why.I live in a block off 4 and the neighbours ab...

Installation issues

Can anyone help re an installation gone wrong?! Third party came to fit the external box on 8 September. Virgin technician came on 13 September to do internal work but couldn’t because there was a fault with the external work.Spent two days trying to...

New customer installation issue

Hi,I recently signed up to Virgin Media for the first time.  After signing up I called the pre-install team as I wanted to ensure I could have a site survey to discuss where the external cables would be placed.  Mainly because we are getting a new re...

James152 by Joining in
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