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Delayed Installation

Contract signed back in October 2023, between then and now (3rd Feb 2024) we’ve had two lots of external construction works, five missed installation appointments, four site surveys and plenty of excuses. Despite having raised complaints via email we...

Hodson88 by Joining in
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Which HUB 5 router power cable!!!

Hey everyone.First post here!Ive read and read about different cables but i need to relocate my router to a different location. 1) - I got new cat 7 cables, new coax cables / splitter etc - all worked fine Then finding a power input cable has been a ...

unable to plug into wall socket

 As part of installation, need to push the red label end of the white cable into wall socket but at my home can see there is already some black end of the white cable already attached to it which I cannot remove. Please see the attached picture. Coul...

rajub411 by Joining in
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Outside Cable Needs Moving

Morning all,The Virgin Engineer that installed my services said how my outside cable from the road to my house had been installed had failed an audit. He spoke to his supervisor, reported it and took pictures.it’s currently pinned along a fence (owne...

Wakey1 by Joining in
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Virgin media installation

Hello, I have been waiting to get Virgin media ever since I moved to my address two years ago. They finally came and spent several days digging up the road and laying cables etc! Great, except my house seems to be the only few not to be able to order...

Al121 by Joining in
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No welcome email or reference

I signed up to a contract on 27th March. I received a pre contract information and provisional installation date but no account number or welcome email.I received a gone away email and advised a response within 48 hours but no response. Chases severa...

AM95 by Joining in
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