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Omni box broken outside house

Hello, It appears the external brown Omni box is broken and the wires are exposed. I live on an open street so now the wires are hanging out, i don't want it to become some sort of hazzard for passers by. I've had this box in place for over 10 years ...

Longer connection cable

Hi. I need a longer cable to connect from the wall box to the hub. I understand that VM will send a 3m one which would be great. If that's the case could someone please contact me to arrange to get one sent out. Thanks

AndyN1 by Joining in
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Resolved! Virgin Broadband in Flat

Hi,I want to get Virgin Broadband installed into my flat, it is available throughout most of the houses on the street nearby but not in the flats which I live in.I've spoken to the landlord/freeholder and they want to know what would need to be done ...

azaheer by Joining in
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Remove box

 I have moved into a new property which has several Virgin Media boxes (two in bedrooms and one in the living room). I have no intentions of having any contracts with Virgin so can I remove the boxes?

aimer_8 by Joining in
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Cable or System error?

Hello!I would like to know if anyone can help me!I am trying to get VM broadband installed at my flat, but when I use my postcode and flat number, it says that Im not suitable.BUT, my colleague at the next flat door got his broadband installed.How is...

Broadband Setup problems

Hi everyonei just received my router today and wanted to connect it.However the virgin media box connection doesn’t fit the cable of what I received.There also is another provider installed in this house but I can’t manage to connect it with that eit...

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LucPelz by Joining in
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New house move activation problems

I moved home last week and had a activation date for today (011/02/23) It took all my equipment to my new property as recommended. I contacted Virgin and arranged activating the line at my new property. I received a text message to activate my equipm...

dpkeevil by Joining in
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Virgin media connect apps

I used this apps for a month, but suddenly it logged out. When I logged in again, it could let me in. Just said the page was expired. Asked me to log in again, but I did it many many times. Even I uninstalled it and installed again. It is being the s...

dorahsc by Joining in
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