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Number has not been ported

Activation date was 21/8 but due to error it was 23/8 when the connection was live.Been waiting for a message or anything to inform the number has been ported but not had anything wich seems to be the norm with VM. The old number still rings the bt l...

Resolved! Hub 5 installation

Hello allHave been a VM for many years and recently decided to upgrade to 1gb broadband.Hub 5 arrived today. Followed the very basic set up instructions.Hub boots up, flashes white, then green then white again ....then blue continuously!Tried pin hol...

alexandjen by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Constant green flashing VM Hub 3.0 install

Just got my Hub 3.0 self is tall kit today as according to VM I was eligible for one. Don't have a VM wall plug, but have one of the old NTL ones. Everything has been connected and the base light has been flashing green for 3+ hours. Even phoned VM t...

UP96 by Joining in
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Resolved! Node release

I asked Virgin Media when we’d go-live after cables were laid in May 23, just had this reply:-I have had confirmation from the build team that this node is due for release towards the end of this month.does this mean Virgin will be switched on then? ...

Return old Hub.

Hi, this is really on behalf of my 85 year old dad. He has changed to new package/hub in last few months, everything fine but now is getting multiple emails regarding old Hub 3. There were no Collectplus return notes labels etc with new hub, so took ...

New connection - driveway concerns

Im going to sign my parents up to VM. however they have a long driveway and i dont want anybody to create a mess. how do i get an emgineer to come and have a look before they sign up? thank you   [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Stee_lee by Joining in
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