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Apparent hub 5.x overheating

Hi All,in to our second month with VM and not had a good experience with drops in connection. Woke up this morning and the hub is flashing red and again no internet connection.  Using the virgin media app it’s telling me the device is overheating, th...

BabyJam by Joining in
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Relocate hub

I have been in my home a few years now and have decided the living room configuration doesn’t quite meet our needs. I am hoping to move the router to the alternative side of the room. Does anyone have a means of contacting virgin for a engineer visit

Broken omnibox

 Hello all.Does anyone have any recommendations on how to neaten this up? We have been in contact with Virgin who did the original install in September last year. The first team from Avonline made a real pigs ear of it (smashed a hole in our doorstep...

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Question about getting Broadband

Hi all i live in like a cul de sac in widnes but the services are not available in the the court however the street that it leads onto has vm services and so does the street where my drive at the back is there is even a triangle on edge of my small d...

peejay3 by Joining in
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Installation taking over 3 months

I ordered broadband, TV and landline on 21 Jan 24. Initially disappointed that installation couldn't take place until 6 Feb but could live with it.  There was then a delay until 19 Feb but I was assured by chat and phone that there would be no furthe...

No virgin available at address

We are all set to move house on the 2nd May, we have just looked at what connections are avaiable, but the section of the street we are moving to is not available, why is this, I know there are quite a few people on this section of the street who wou...

jrcs1981 by Joining in
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