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4G backup dongle

I seem to be having difficulty with the 4G backup dongle setup. I have received a new dongle and SIM and found out that the SIM needed to be registered for it to work!With the dongle connected to the router, it continuously flashes green (fast). I ha...

Old vs New dongle USB base.jpg
Vbiz by Joining in
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IP address issues.

Hi, having a bit of a weird issus. Trying to connect to Blizzard or the World of War craft websites gives a 403 permission denied but when accessing using the like of Cloudflare Warp it works. Seems to be an issues with my IP address. Anyone come acr...

Hi,I have been trying to order the "Student M250 Fibre Broadband". I got through the process of filling everything in and bought it, I receive the order document for the purchase and am taken to an order confirmation screen. However there is no confi...

Broadband ordered but not delivered

Hello,I ordered broardband to be delivered to my address on Saturday but it never turned up, and I had no notification beyond the first email.I phoned the pre-install team and they said they had no record of this order, so I ordered again with delive...

QuickStart setup/Account

HelloJust a query regarding my account.I have order a quickstart self setup for a new property I am moving into next week, and the delivery date for that is the 7th October(day after I move in)I have recieved an email with my pre contract and another...

LeighS by Joining in
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