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Hi. I've signed up for a new contact and it supposed to be activated by 24/07/23. Received a Pre-Contract document etc... Approved it and the package supposed to be activated by 24/07.I've been trying to call them support team 3 times and waited on t...

WiFi pod connection

Hi,I have 2 WiFi pods in the house and I've had ongoing internet connections today but also discovered in the virgin connect app that one of the WiFi pod was offline. I've turned it on and off again, moved it closer to the hub and nothing... So decid...

Non serviceable address

In 2020 I've moved to new house and tried to connect VM. Installation date was postponed like 6 times and eventually VM cancelled it because "installation was out of budget" and they said that I can try apply after some time. But if I trying to apply...

leon4uk by Joining in
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modem mode hub3

GreetingsHub 3 running in modem mode with a mesh, for 5 years, no problemaround July 10 internet goes out.the status/ website says it is an area fault  F010807744modem light is solid redregister for auto comp and updates. continue to receive twice da...

drbenway by Tuning in
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