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Self install kit not delivered

Hello I’ve recently purchased self install broadband kit on the 26/12/2023 the date it was meant to be delivered was the 29/12/2023 I’ve had no further emails or tracking information on this order please could somebody tell me where my order is I can...

Lee_H1 by Joining in
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Resolved! Red power light on SH3

I noticed today that the power light on my SH3 is permanently red.  I followed the instructions on the website and did a pinhole reset but that made no difference.  The hub feels quite warm to the touch so I called 150 and was told there is a tempora...

progers by Superfast
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New build property install

I have been a Virgin Media customer for many years and recently purchased a new build property in the Nottingham area. The street is indeed a Virgin Media cabled area, and can infact receive the Virgin Media's new gigabit service. I called VM to try ...

Need new outside box installed

Hi all,I've just started a new plan with virgin media for broadband, my modem arrived today. I am and old Virgin customer, so Setup was quick and painless as I already have the cables going everywhere throughout my house. Despite this, I still couldn...

Anjel by Joining in
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Fibre cable installation

Have had the fibre cable.i stalled into property we moved jnto but I feel the cable hasn't been I stalled very well and no care taken, it has been put under some broken slabs and beginning of driveway and then layed across the top of soil with no sla...

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New installation to block of flats

I live in a block of 18 flats built in 2006.We can only currently get slow fibre services, the best speed I can get currently is 36mbps as it uses old cabling init the properties and no sign of roll out by open reach to upgrade to full fibre. Nextfib...

simcor by Tuning in
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Resolved! Block Paved Drive

I will be moving house soon in the new year and the property has a full width block paved frontage with no grass/soil.What will I have to do to transfer my services to the new property ?Dig up the drive ??? Hope notWould appreciate some advice in adv...

Installation and Activation Woes

Signed up back in November for the Ultimate Volt Bundle, all pre-work was completed on the 6th November and interior installation was done on the 25th. However, when the engineer did the installation he found a handwritten note saying they found no s...

JNM24 by Joining in
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