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Orbi set up with Hub 3

I have a problem while install the RBK753 mesh wi-fi through the Orbi app from my iphone, everything works fine until the app running through the steps and pop-up an error message: Orbi Not FoundIt looks like you might be connected to your old Wi-Fi ...

Daniam by Joining in
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Broadband availability via OFNL

Hi, I'm moving into a new build house tomorrow that uses OFNL. On the OFNL website virgin media is listed as a provider for my postcode, but when checking the same postcode on the virgin media website it says you don't currently service my area. Can ...

ae24 by Joining in
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Arranging installation - no socket

I have recently set up a new internet account for self installation but have now realised my home doesn’t have a virgin media socket. I am trying to get the contact details to arrange for a socket to be fitted but don’t seem to be able to find anythi...

Book engineer to install TV box

The engineer installed the broadband but couldn’t install TV box because the steel inside the wall could not drilled.  Afterwards I get the drill done to let the cable pass through.  How to rebook the engineer to install TV box in webpage?Thanks!

New hub5 taking ages to setup modem mode

Evening all. Brand new hub 5 delivered and installed today. Attempting to put into modem mode, there is a warning that it will take 5mins.Been a lot longer than that and still not able to verify it has completed or even connect via eith...

nodster by Joining in
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Hub 5 - pages won't load

I have the hub 5 and recently I’m having issues loading pages on all devices. WiFi showing full strength but when watching videos-social media they don’t load or have constant buffering.

Nanrek by Joining in
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Hub 4 return - no tracking details

Hi,As part of the black friday offer I upgraded my solo broadband and was sent a hub5 as part of the upgrade.  I managed to install and activate without issue and today I packaged up the old device (hub4) in the box supplied, attached the returrns la...

Nat_merc by Joining in
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