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Constant "no number calls" since moving to IP Telephone from landline (Home) (Resolved)


My area has recently been migrated from landline to IP telephony which seems to work well with one exception.  My received calls report 10-20 daily calls from "no number".  There is no call made (no ringing) and no message left, just a report that "no number" called and a time.  OFCOM state it should be addressed to the provider and the Telephone preference service state they can do nothing with marketing or computer generated calls.  This did not happen until switched to IP telephony and has been daily since (coincidentally - I think not).  This appears to be a man-in-the-middle network attack and is therefore worrying (as well as filling my recent calls with rubbish).  Virgin media say they cannot see these calls, yet their system records it on my recent calls log. Anyone else having this problem or have a resolution?




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Up to speed

Is this thread still going LMAO 🙂 

As I said 8 months ago this will not be fixed until the hub 6 is released.   Virgin tech support = shambolic and that's being generous 

I do not blame any individual Vrigin employee, I'm sure they are trying best, but the system is not fit for purpose.  

@Sheepasleep wrote:


Rehetorical question, but as we didn’t ask for it, I don’t suppose we could be switched back to analogue phone lines until Virginmedia are actually ready to switch us to a reliable digital service that’s been properly tested and that doesn’t cause this issue?

Alas no, not that it isn't technically possible, of course it is, it’ll be more that VM simply don’t have a policy or procedure to do it!

Could they spin one up to assist with this sort of situation, yes, of course they could if sufficiently motivated, but are they? It would appear not and you, poor customer, just has to ‘suck it up’.

Dialled in

I’ve downgraded to hub4 - speeds now over a gig and all linked to pods. No more ghost calls. 

I was told by engineer that the hub5 has a hardware error which will need to be fixed by manufacturer - no software would sort. 

You either need to downgrade or live with the ghost call error. My calls are important hence the downgrade. Other than that try a different phone until you find one that works.

I don’t work for VM - but that’s your options. 

As I’ve said before why VM don’t release a company statement to say this and take some responsibility….it’s just crazy. People who are and have been affected should be due compensation and also put on priority list for hub6. 

I would like VM to comment on this? 

Yes. Good luck with management accepting any responsibility or any concept of actually caring for consumers. The official VM line is “take it or leave it”. I would hate to work for the company where there seems to little or no internal communication. Help desk staff and engineers seem to be as much in the dark as ever. According to the web site, there are still “no known issues” with telephone systems in my area.

Not only do I have this problem, but we also have no email in the Southampton area. Engineers are working on it - but timeline on its second day and 4th update. On top of that, there is also a TV service issue with no predicted fix before end of 26th. Virgin media are fast providing no service whatsoever. According to the check system I can ask for text updates but that takes me to a website that puts up a message saying “ we are unable to check your service at this time”. Anyone got two cans and a length of string they can spare me?

What's the TV issue as we are seeing specially on an evening pixelation of picture but audio is fine on box V6 boxes, also the hub 5 even after rebooting a few days ago has post and pre errors on every single download upstream specially channel 1 and also seeing T2 and T3 timeouts on the upload on every one, along with the ongoing ghost calls

Basically, freezing and pixilation of picture on most TV devices by the sound of it. Currently reporting this is fixed but email isn’t. I have received some emails after 1456 today but nothing since lunchtime Sunday prior to that.

On our wavelength

i decided to scrap my 2 caller ID phones and purchased two standard BT phones to solve the problem a drastic answer Thomas


Do let us know if the standard BT telephones suffer from ghost call bell tinkle.

After the switch over I was still on a Hub3 and we had a problem with getting calls. The phone would ring and cut off when answered or just ring once and drop the call. After a bit of a tassle with VM they sent out a Hub 5 a few weels ago without telling me. I installed it and was quiet pleased my upload speed which wouldn't go above 30Mbs started working at near 100Mbs like it was supposed to do and is what I am paying for.

We then started getting ghost calls.

I had been about to ask them to go back to copper wire connection when the hub arrived so thought I would give it a try..

In the upgreade pack it did say they can keep you on wire if you have special medical needs or an alarm that auto dials a security company or the police in the case of a break in. Hubs unlike the copper wire phone system do not work in a power cut if you don't have a seperate battery back up for the hub.

With a family member in hospital I kept ringing the hospital in case they had phoned me as they have a private number as do the police who I have had recent contact with, and I was not sure if the hub was reporting these numbers as no number to my BT phone.. 

The latest on the copper wire situation from BT who I beleive VM lease lines from seems to be it will end in 2025 when the copper wire system will be discontinued and finally switched off.

I think I will ask to go back to wire for the phones until that happens but it might not be possible for some because BT Openreach have already switched off over 600 exchanges (01.01.2023) where voice copper lines are no longer available.

Ex BT engineer.