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Constant "no number calls" since moving to IP Telephone from landline (Home) (Resolved)


My area has recently been migrated from landline to IP telephony which seems to work well with one exception.  My received calls report 10-20 daily calls from "no number".  There is no call made (no ringing) and no message left, just a report that "no number" called and a time.  OFCOM state it should be addressed to the provider and the Telephone preference service state they can do nothing with marketing or computer generated calls.  This did not happen until switched to IP telephony and has been daily since (coincidentally - I think not).  This appears to be a man-in-the-middle network attack and is therefore worrying (as well as filling my recent calls with rubbish).  Virgin media say they cannot see these calls, yet their system records it on my recent calls log. Anyone else having this problem or have a resolution?




[MOD EDIT: Please see post for an update ]

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Fibre optic

still trying to port my number away and that's become as elusive as getting the no number missed call issue resolved

32 days and counting 😫

I have just been switched over to digital and have found the same sort of problem but it says number unavailable and doesn't ring...i did presume it was some sort of call blocking of nuisance calls.?

On our wavelength

Same problem here been going on since we were switched 5 days ago, doesn’t ring just registers numerous calls. Looks like we’re all waiting on whatever fix needs doing. My parents are with bt and haven’t had any problems, though they were given a new voip Alexa incorporated phone when they switched. 

Nothing heard from Virgin Media but they have until Mon 19 Jun to implement the Ombudsman resolution.  Still receiving Ghost Calls and, not only ignored by Virgin Media, but also told they cannot talk to me whilst case is with Ombudsman. The Ombudsman, whom I was sent to for arbitration, can only deal with matters of procedure (being passed from pillar to post and ignored), but not technical matters.  So it appears there is no appeal when the company screws up technically and fails to address the issue.  We are still left with "change supplier or get a new phone system" (which may, or may not work, as we still have no recommendation on what to get). Product. and product service rated as good by Which!.  Customer service is in the toilet IMHO (and that of Which!).

5 weeks and counting.  Still no ghost calls!  Seems to be fixed, but no indication from VM what they did to sort it. 

Hi @mervynczarnecki thanks for posting and welcome back to our community.

Thanks for updating us and for confirming your issue appears to have been resolved.  We can also pass on your feedback to the relevant teams.



So how was your resolved without buying a new phone or downgrading to hub 5?

If not change in hub 5 or phone be nice to understand what essential works they carried out in your area as these "essential works" need to be carried out in mine since I'm getting 14 to 18 ghost calls a day

Agree would be good to know what setup has been fixed. I am also getting about 18 ghost calls per day for over a year now.

Hi @TAZMANUK and @fraserormston thanks for posting and welcome back to our community.

Sorry your 'no number calls' issue is still ongoing for you. I know our colleagues are aware of this and are indeed working on a resolution.  I hope it's as swiftly as possible for you.