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Constant "no number calls" since moving to IP Telephone from landline (Home) (Resolved)


My area has recently been migrated from landline to IP telephony which seems to work well with one exception.  My received calls report 10-20 daily calls from "no number".  There is no call made (no ringing) and no message left, just a report that "no number" called and a time.  OFCOM state it should be addressed to the provider and the Telephone preference service state they can do nothing with marketing or computer generated calls.  This did not happen until switched to IP telephony and has been daily since (coincidentally - I think not).  This appears to be a man-in-the-middle network attack and is therefore worrying (as well as filling my recent calls with rubbish).  Virgin media say they cannot see these calls, yet their system records it on my recent calls log. Anyone else having this problem or have a resolution?




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Any update on this? Still addressing the calls issue since I have moved from Sky. Every night I have to delete 10-20 missed calls so we don't miss IMPORTANT calls if the call list is full. Also we have to turn off the phone in the bedroom as occasionally it beeps at night when these ghost calls are being made. I have made elderly family members aware and they now have instructions to call my mobile in case of the call list full.

Yesterday I got a decision from the ombudsman upholding my complaint. Because they only deal with individual cases I have been asked to to share the recommendations. As the ombudsman only deals with procedure, and not technical issues, I would not expect any change in solution or customer service from Virgin Media. We still have no unsolicited updates, not planned schedule to address the issue, and no wider sharing of information internally within VM. Change supplier, or change phone seems to be the only offered solutions.Although I do not recall being told of a phone system that definitely will work.

Sorry finger trouble - I was told (ombudsman) NOT to share the recommendations

On our wavelength

Just wondering, have any people suffering with a hub 5 been offered a hub 4 as a solution and if so, does that solution work for this ghost calling issue - I have a trio of BT8600 advanced call blocker handsets which appear to be amongst those units that suffer……

Same here. VM sent and engineer out who attended yesterday, told me the following advice:

a) Change phones - he could not recommend one which would work, so stab in the dark and as the one's I have are £130 it won't be cheap.

b) Add another wallbox in tandem, the capacitors in them "could" filter out the issue, although it's not guaranteed and no one knows if it will work.

c) Wait for VM technical to assess the issue as it's not local, no ETA.

I think I'll be opting for d) change provider and get rid of Virgin.

Joining in

I have a BT4600 and have had this problem since an engineer visited for a broadband problem and moved my phone and answer machine from the wall socket in the hall to the room where the hub is. When I said I wasn’t happy about this he just shrugged and said they’re all going to be like this. The wall socket is now dead. Strangely enough I didn’t get the usual email asking for feedback on this one . Not good Virgin, as paying customers we deserve better.

I have a bt4600 and receiving "missed call" with "no number" available and without the hanset ringing. I checked around and found a list of phones with this issue however the bt4600 was not included, just the bt8600. The issue also happened on my previous handset that was a iDect (model number) 641710130001. I just thought I'd add this bit of information. With the handset being connected to the router, is it possible for the number to be hacked into (something to do with "PBX")  as I don't want to wake up one day with a undesirable bill? I'm not tech savy but it was something mentioned numerous times in Google searches. Thanks in advance 😇 

Dialled in

Ok - I complained directly to VM. Engineer visit this morning.

There is an issue with the HUB5. Power fluctuation in the hub itself which we all know with certain handsets. VM are in contact with Sagecom to repair issue which is in the HUB5. No software update will fix. I’ve just switched to HUB4. 
So ultimately if you don’t want ghost calls it’s a HUB4. Or if you can bear it stay with HUB5.

Hub5 will be re-rolled out when fixed by manufacturer ie Sagecom.

Why VM cannot put out a press release stated like this god knows so we know where we all stand. 

Knows their stuff

Ok I will await a new revised hardware revision Hub 5 or by the time they finally do this Hub 6

Engineer did mention the new hub - they are using in some parts of the country but seems to be going down the business route first.

New hub will feature direct fibre connection to the hub with same upload download speeds of around a gig. Copper wire connection seems to slow upload out of the home hence removing it. 
He did mention 1-3 year roll out though!