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Sending email using your own domain

Introduction Email is evolving new methods to combat spoofing of email addresses.  While there used to be no checks on what email servers can be used by particular domains, that is no longer the case. Consequently when sending using your own domain u...

ravenstar68 by Very Insightful Person
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Orphan Email accounts

IntroductionThis information applies to all four Virgin Media Email are increasingly coming on the Forum's after having email accounts locked/deleted.  This post looks at one of t...

ravenstar68 by Very Insightful Person
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Outgoing Authentication Issues? - Check Email Logs

IntroductionThere have been a number of threads on the boards lately where people have been seeing the password prompt pop up when trying to send e-mails.While the symptom is the same for many users, there are actually a number of possible causes.Bro...

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ravenstar68 by Very Insightful Person
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Ravenstar's Email FAQ's

The aim of this thread is to collate some of the stickies I have made in the past into one thread. In here you will find the following FAQ's Understanding Email Block ListsSPF, DKIM, and DMARC explainedGeneric/Dynamic host names prohibited - an expla...

ravenstar68 by Very Insightful Person
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Cannot reset password

I need to reset my virginmedia email password but if I click on forgotten password the email goes to my old btinternet account that I don’t have access to anymore. How can I resolve this. I am no longer with virgin for broadband 

email account locked

why have I been locked out my email acct I also cant access emails thru Outlook express anymore

Morkjc by Tuning in
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Emails retrieved for one account now lost for another

So - after 6 phone calls across 8 days, one official complaint and the extreme unlikelihood of getting through to a technical person on customer services, Cherie talked me through a number of steps to access my email account that had ‘disappeared’ fr...

wodsy69 by On our wavelength
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Lost blueyonder address

I used to have a blueyonder account that was spoofed and the vanished. I need to access a Drobox backup that had it as my contact. I've forgotten my Dropbox password but can't change t as I don't have access to the blueyonder address. Suggestions ple...

The connection for this site is not secure

Each month I have to submit data to a commissioner via their secure messaging site. The link is sent to me in an email, and I click on it. However, if I try to use the link from  home I get a message saying that the site isn't secure.  The link is se...

Reset password email

I had an email through at 15:45 saying that I had requested a password reset.  I wasn't even in.  I was hacked a month ago on my phone and I've changed all my passwords, but if someone can request a password reset how safe is my email account?

nf1236 by On our wavelength
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I cannot get into my emails.

Last night i was on the phone last night fo several hours. A female member of staff said that she could not solve the problem. So she passed me on to Gadget rescue. I was told straight away that there would be a charge for the service and that it wou...

toncast by Joining in
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I have been blocked from accessing my email account.  None of the online suggestions have provided me access.  I have phoned, done online chat and finally resorted to writing to Virgin asking for help with no joy.  Virgin states that they ...

eesbees by Joining in
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Delete old NTL email

I’ve seen a number of posts about this. I’m no longer a Virgin customer but still had an old NTL world email. This has been compromised and I can no longer access it to monitor activity. Can someone contact please to help delete the email address?Tha...