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Very slow TV guide

Is it just me or is the TV360 TV guide very slow at the moment? Until recently it was fine but now it seems reluctant to allow any channel selections. It also doesn't always offer the choice of watching live or from the start. I have tried restarting...

Virgin Box

Hi,My Virgin box keeps switching off and when it comes back, the sound is off. I have to restart each time. Occasionally, if I’m watching TV on demand, the screen will go black and display a fuzzy screen. Something appears to be wrong with the box. C...

AK82 by Tuning in
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Sky Sports UHD improvement.

Like many others on here, I have had an issue with the Sky Sports UHD channels being far too dark on my TV (Sony Bravia). Since the recent update to 5.01 though, I have noticed a distinct improvement in the picture. Hopefully this is not just wishful...

Topgun by Dialled in
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Coax cabling inside the house

Hi,We have virgin supplied to our house, and to the router. We have had new wiring installed and my plan was to have multi room, set up, with coax and ethernet running from a central hub, to two different TV sets. The electrician has fitted twin core...

Software Updated to v5.01

My 360 boxes have updated to 5.01 overnight.  With such a big version jump I would expect to see some big changes but so far it looks identical to 4.46Anyone else get this version and noticed anything different? 

Set 360 remote to infrared

HI all, Does anyone know how to set the 360 remote infrared only, rather than the default bluetooth ?The reason for this is, I am using a Harmony remote, and have done, with a V6, for years.Most of the buttons work using the Ziggo Mediabox Next devic...

dave_jee by Tuning in
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Resolved! Can’t find hard drive

Can’t pause rewind or record anything just keeps saying can’t find hard drive CS6002

BenH88 by Joining in
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Does 360 have Series link? And other questions.

I have 2 V6 boxes and need to know some things before upgrading*. We don't use the box much as we don't watch much live TV and because the V6 Remote is Unbelievably horrible and the UI is terrible too.  So the 360 UI and remote look much better. All ...

prowl by Dialled in
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New tv 360 TV guide question

I’ve just switched to the new remote with the updated layout etc. is there anyway to change the settings so that when I press TV guide it automatically opens at the top of the guide, I.e. on bbc1. Because now when I press TV guide it opens on the cha...

Resolved! New 360 Firmware again......

Following this thread : Solved: Firmware 4.46 - Virgin Media Community - 5284012I received another update on my box again last night (apologies but didn't have time to check on the version) - anyone know of any changes or anywhere on this forum where...