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Switching on TVand 360 box.

It may seem a silly question, but how do I swith my 360 box and TV on in a morning? Last night I switched them off using the "one power" button, THIS MORNING i TRIED TO SWITCH THEM ON USING THE SAME BUTTON BUT GOT A RED LIGHT ON THE 360 BOX AND NO SI...

Sky Sports UHD

Got an email on 05/06 offering me Sky Sports UHD for 18 months at £3 pm. Got an acknowledgement the next day after I took up the offer. After that nothing even though the first email promised me the services within 5 days.

Pixelated recordings

I m finding that my recordings are intermittently pixelating even though if I watch live tv there’s no issues. It’s has been happening for awhile but it’s now getting worse. 

rikimuk by On our wavelength
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360 box stuck in update screen

In need of some help.I have two V6 box, bedroom box updated to 360 no problems. However living room box is stuck on update process. Stuck on pair your remote screen screen.Despite the remote now being able to turn volume up & down. Plus turn off V6 b...

Kingred by Joining in
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Resolved! No control over installation of updates

HiWhy doesn’t VM offer us a choice of when to install an update?Without any warning the last update installed itself part way through a programme, there I was watching my telly when the screen went blank and the tv prompted me to check the connection...

Poor_Dog by On our wavelength
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Resolved! When will 360 be in my area?

I have recently had Virgin broadband installed but no one seems to know when I can get TV 360 in my area.Does anyone know if and when this will be in Pontefract area?

When will my broadband be back working

I have had no internet since last Monday and limited tv Chanel’s. It did come back on on Friday but went back off on Saturday evening and no one will answer my calls and I am getting zero information from anyone. Virgin media on Twitter directed me h...

Cunny68 by Joining in
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Resolved! TV 360 installation problem

On 15 June I installed a new 360 box which is up and running but only delivers live TV. No functionality of any kind  No catch up, no on demand, no record, no apps etc.etc. I also get error codes V210 and M63. After two 2 hour phone sessions with Cus...

Mel41 by Tuning in
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Sky Sports UHD

A few weeks ago I got an offer for three months of Sky Sports UHD channels free. They promised the Ashes etc. I signed up and got a message saying I would next get a message saying it was set-up. Since then, nothing. Was it a scam?

Jonmal by On our wavelength
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