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Can we please have multi-channel series links back?

The BBC Glastonbury coverage this weekend is spread across four channels (BBC One to Four). On the old Tivo boxes, we could easily set a series link to record any programme in that series across any channel. On TV360, series links are tied to a chann...

davorg by Up to speed
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360 TV remote

I was trying to tune audio last night and unpaired the remote by accident. Unable to pair it again. Have tried TV & 0 & also factory resetting it by pressing Tv & <<it’s a V6 box but a 360 remote but it was working fine til I messed it up last night....

Second 360 TV mini box

Do I need a second virgin media socket to connect the second 360 TV mini box? I wast told that …..

Gilly19 by Joining in
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I've just upgraded to 360. On my old system I was able to search channels by time with a pop up screen using my remote but can't find a similar function on the new remote. Does it exist?

GQ74 by Joining in
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Duplicate recordings

I am constantly having to delete programs that have already been recorded because they aired them again at a different time. The V6 didn’t re-record duplicates so why can’t the 360 be programmed the same. My system is set up to record only new progra...

stsommers by On our wavelength
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Connecting a soundbar?

Hi I have just bought a 9.1 surround system. Currently I have the setup going: Soundbar HDMI out —-> TV HDMI ARCThis works with no issues but I’m told I should have a HDMI from the virgin box to the soundbar also even though it’s working, what benefi...

Resolved! TV - F010763089

Just to point out that the estimated fix for this fault is 26th June and NOT today as posted below..... 

deans6571_0-1687270719828.png deans6571_1-1687270844056.png deans6571_2-1687270965677.png

Switching on TVand 360 box.

It may seem a silly question, but how do I swith my 360 box and TV on in a morning? Last night I switched them off using the "one power" button, THIS MORNING i TRIED TO SWITCH THEM ON USING THE SAME BUTTON BUT GOT A RED LIGHT ON THE 360 BOX AND NO SI...

Sky Sports UHD

Got an email on 05/06 offering me Sky Sports UHD for 18 months at £3 pm. Got an acknowledgement the next day after I took up the offer. After that nothing even though the first email promised me the services within 5 days.