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Sound cutting out for a second repeatedly

I have an issue when watching virgin tv where the sound cuts out for a second, maybe slightly less, but it happens repeatedly at no apparent regular frequency, but enough that it's annoying - any suggestions to resolve this?Thanks

Byfoja03 by On our wavelength
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Virgin 360

Phoned last night to get my box working again, someone was supposed to phone back and sort this. That did not happen and this morning my box is still on please wait.

David6 by Tuning in
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i can't get sound in 5 1 when using Netflix

Hi, i can't get sound in 5 1 when using Netflix, Virgin movies work fine in 5.1. I have tried all settings on the Virgin box and only 2.1 works. I can get 5 1 Netflix ok through my Blue Ray player app ok.

TNT sports Second box issue

I can watch TNT sports fine on main box. Second box I cannot watch live TNT  yet I am able to watch catch up TNT  and all other channels . Error code states it's setting up channels 100:70. Help line no use 3 hr phone calls and still not resolved. An...

Dude1974 by Joining in
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Sky Sports red button updated

Info from For Sky Sports customers the red button functionality has also been boosted so they can enjoy even more of the sports they love. Virgin TV 360 customers and, for the first time ever, Stream customers will be...

newapollo by Very Insightful Person
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TV360 lost all recordings

Our TV360 apparently overnight has lost all recordings and planned recordings. Is this something that has happened to others? Before anyone asks, no we did not do a factory reset by mistake.Nothing shows up, other than "you have no recordings or sche...

Remote volume up button not working on Samsung tv

The volume up button is intermittently not working after pairing on my Samsung TV. Occasionally it will work. Sometimes one press of the up button will increase the volume by 20 or 30 instantly. All other buttons work fine. 

Dchurch by Tuning in
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Resolved! Help with amber light stuck on media box

For past few weeks the media box has been playing up getting stuck on certain pages having to reboot router and Media box to access virgin channels - now the media box is stuck on an amber start up colour and cannot access any virgin channels only ap...

Do Virgin Media care about TV anymore?

I’ve had Virgin Media TV since the days of Telewest Active Digital and loved it. But Virgins bitrate over the last couple years are going lower and lower (started when they switched to MPEG4) - I have Sky and Virgin (since you can’t have two main Sky...