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Resolved! M500 upload speed is averaging around 1-2Mbps when it should be 36Mbps

Hi All,I've been enjoying my M500 fibre broadband service for a few months now, and it's been all good, until recently.I live in the Merley/Wimborne area of Dorset.I was consistently receiving the advertised speeds of about 500Mbps download, and 36Mb...

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namecaps by On our wavelength
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Fluctuating Wi-Fi Speed

I have great wi-fi in my lounge where the router is and the speed stays the same pretty much all the time at around 120mbps. However around the rest of the house the download speeds fluctuate even though the router speed is constant. In my office it ...

Artemis1 by Joining in
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Resolved! Packet loss - any suggestions?

Hi there,I'm experiencing major packet loss that is making my broadband useless for work.Chart below of monitor shows it is constant, individual tests show that loss is around 10-20% I can also pinpoint the time it started on 8th April when I was awa...

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my dynamic public IP address changed?

while I understand dynamic vs static:  my VM public IP hasn't changed in YEARSbut today I'm appearing as a new number anyone else notice a change, or know why the sudden change?   

moof by Fibre optic
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Resolved! Constant Low Speeds Since Installation

I've recently had broadband set up in my new house (installed 08/04/2023), I am on the M250 Fibre Broadband contract so should be reaching speeds of anywhere from 132Mbps minimum, but usually 250Mbps+ as per the contract.During the install the speed ...

Glaemr by Tuning in
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1gbps = 80mbs and +300ms latency

I am having issues for more than a month with high latency and terrible speeds.The customer support claims there is a TV issue in the area, although the house next door with 250mbps contract has 150-200mbps speeds.Complaining doesn't help, tried to a...

TehMatis by Tuning in
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Deco P9

Hi alljust received a hub5 and am using set of deco P9 as a wifi mesh, however speeds seem to be limited to 2-300mbps where I can get 700mbps through the VM router on my iPhone. P9s are set to 1000mbps up, 52mbps down. Upload looks fine and is hittin...

Burner72 by Joining in
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Anyone else had the 1gig Upload Speed boost yet?

Saw a few posts on here and the VM Community page saying they were receiving boosted upload speeds on 1gig, later confirmed by Community Staff that they are implementing upload speed boosts but have no set plan in place for it. So I'm just wondering ...

gulax99 by Joining in
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Resolved! How long does it take for speed upgrade activation?

I ordered a speed upgrade last Thursday or Friday and still nothing as of today.My contract says the speeds start today, my online account still shows M250 but the change my package page is showing that I have Gig1 Fibre Broadband.I've tried resettin...

Not getting the full speed on Volt 350

Hi,I originally joined Virgin on 200 mb packaged in 2006 upgraded to 250 a few years ago. Since last year, I'm with O2 for my mobile and my broadband was upgrade to Volt 350. I was getting this speed consistantly but I have noticed that since the mid...

osalter by Tuning in
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