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Broadband boost

Hi All,I am currently getting 500mb as i am with 02, so using the boost.I have still as yet got the free boost upgrade and reset the router a few times with no update? Should i be getting a faster speed by now, because i have been on this now for mon...

Worringly high latency affecting streaming

I have been getting issues over the last few months with  streaming where I have never had them before. This is for both video and music and it has got worse since Virgin upgraded me to a Hub 5. I never had issues with music from Qobuz which is not c...


vm and hot weather

Can vm not handle the heat last year same scenario it went down and as of midday yesterday no bb again and still down roll on winter wn7 area 

Treble1 by Fibre optic
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Packet loss and frequent short service dropouts

Hi,I've been having frequent service dropouts at regular intervals over the past month or so and since creating a BQM I've noticed that I'm also having packet loss issues, the larger packet loss spikes correspond with the times in which I'm most like...

Screenshot 2023-05-05 171723.jpg

HUB 4, GIG1 not full speed unless plugged direct from modem

Installed the HUB4 today with gig1.Speeds direct from the modem on my PC are as advertised 900Mbps+When I detatch the rj45 from the modem and plug the same rj45 it into my Asus Nighthawk X6 R8000 Router,.which has 4x gigabit ports, i get around 350Mb...

full speed.png not full speed.png

Slow device speed when only 1 device connected to hub5

Got my hub 5 last Friday but on install Sam Knows test showed 1145mbps to hub which is fine but only a max of 600mbps to a WiFi 6e device (Pixel 6 on Calyxos OS) placed on top of hub5 for the test. Usually have it in modem mode into my Ubiquiti gatew...

jon1331 by On our wavelength
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Bad WiFi Slow TV

I am so bored of slow WiFi and TV boxes. It’s been going on for months. WiFi patchy throughout the house, on demand, Netflix all incredibly slow if work at all. Recently we lost all access to our demand getting through to anyone was an issue in itsel...

LesGre by Joining in
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Slow upload dpeed

Im constantly getting slower uploads speeds than i should. Download is fine , generally 260 +, but my upload speeds are at 3.6 - 9 mbps when i should be looking at 24 - 26 mbps at least. Two questions 1 what is the best way to report this and 2. Afte...

Slow upload speed

Getting upload speed of 0.9 for a few days now in M26 area. I have rebooted, turned off/on, changed wifi to "one wifi". Nothing is working. Can anyone in the community tell me what is happening with Virgin broadband in my area? Download speed isnt af...

High latency Gig1 - reboot resolves for a while

HelloI have recently found that I am getting high latency which goes on for a few days or until I manually reboot the modem. Just wondering if this is something the team here could look into for me? 

Screenshot 2023-06-01 114805.png