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Speeds reduced since VM area work

Last week VM did work in my area, net went down for few hours. Since its been back up, my speeds seem to have been capped to 100mb and not the 1gig i pay for. Adding to that an ip check also seems to show my ip being apart of VM in Telford, consideri...

Harry_C by On our wavelength
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Latency shown in VMConnect app

My parents virgin media connection seems rather flaky, i did some home scans using the VM Connect app and on the test saw latency of 10000+ ms on the incoming side of the test i.e. from virgin to the hub. I checked the cabling from the wall box to th...

martynh99 by On our wavelength
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Paying for 250, getting about 70

Have Hub 3.0 in modem mode, running into own networking equipment. Never had issue with own networking equipment as with old property, hitting 200mbps easily.Have reset hub and still no improvement. No help from CS at all. Any ideas?

beb999 by Joining in
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1GB package but poor Ethernet speeds

Hi,I have recently taken out the 1GB package with the SuperHub 5 and I am connected via ethernet, the 2,5Gb port to my PC which also has 2.5Gb Ethernet port. The speed tests that I am seeing are far worse connected directly to the superhub than acros...

SpeedTest_Ethernet.png SpeedTest_Wifi.png
Jue_92 by Joining in
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A lot of packet loss - Why?

Nothing mentioned on the Virgin status checker, nor is anything mentioned when I call the faults line. Struggling to watch anything online due to the buffering and voice calls are impossible due to robotic sounds. Channel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) ...


Resolved! Ongoing degradation of service

Helloive noticed some speed and packet loss issues ongoing recently, everytime I did the checker it shows as below, any ideas when it’ll be sorted or even what’s wrong ? It’s affecting all sorts of things in the home including work vpn, teams, slow l...

DJC_UK by Tuning in
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Hub 5

Just got the Hub 5 from Hub 4 1 Gig boy the download speed on my iphone is 800 super fast 

Donald1946 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Speed increase

Hi , given we are being changed over to 02 for our mobiles , will that entitle me to get a free upgrade on my broadband speed with virgin.

John2021 by On our wavelength
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Download speed slow

Hey all,On the 500M package and getting (at best) 90MB download, upload seems OK at 50MB.Running the speedtest via ethernet at 1gbps. Everything has been fine for 3ish years until the other day we had an outage in the area, since then speeds have bee...

externo6 by Joining in
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