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Slow speeds

Started to get slow speed, mainly in the evenings. Can someone please reach out to investigate and resolve?

Jon_M84 by Tuning in
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My work VPN suddenly not working

Ive been with VM for about 4-5 years and have never had an issue. Since yesterday my work laptop, on which I have to use a VPN to access the hospital systems is losing connection every few minutes, making working from home almost impossible. I have a...

elbee8_1 by Tuning in
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Hub 5 Keep dropping

After upgrading from hub3 ever i never had this issues hub5 keep dropping connection too much day and night can i have my hub3 back i would be much happier, app its super annoying to report issues i need some one to send someone to change this router

looper by Joining in
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Constant small packet loss dips in SS2

For the past week ive been getting persistent little spikes in packet loss and I am noticing it ingame.Is there currently an issue in my area, no point in calling up as I never get anywhere and now the tech support has business hours so if my interne...


Overseas connection drop

I connect to an Australian VPN once a week for a remote shift. Yesterday the speeds slowed to a crawl - 5-8 mbps impossible to work. The VPN has been checked and is fine - I've found out there is a Virgin fault locally in our postcode. The local spee...

Koojay by Joining in
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Upload speed reduced after maintenance

On Friday 14 June had scheduled maintenance in the area and got a text message Saturday morning stated it was completed.Since then my SH5 has been router upload has been reduced, spent hour and half on chat, did reboot, factory reset, engineer been o...


Internet Speed - Awful

For approx 4 weeks my internet is exactly 10% of what it should be. I pay for 1gb and I'm getting 100mb, most of the time less 80-70mb.I've reset the hub 5+ times and restart it everyday, 1 min after restarting the speed throttles down to said speeds...

Sterling2013_0-1719169032436.png Sterling2013_1-1719169060648.png

Speeds not as sold ...

I am allegedly on the M500 package but the highest (Ookla) speedtest in the last few months showed 271 mbps.In the past I've seen results of 520 mbps but not for some time.Why should I pay you for something I'm not getting ... I attach a screenshot o...

Virgin Speed Resulst.jpg
Shiskine by Tuning in
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Broadband so bad I can barely use any interne

My broadband speed has degraded over the past 3 months to the point where it no longer functions usefully past 6pm. Email, browsing, downloading and online gaming become barely functional. The problem has been reported and I was told a new router was...

Internet very fast but drops on calls

Hey, I have 1 g internet with Virgin.The internet is perfect but like clockwork it drops in the morning when I’m on calls on my laptop. I’m situated upstairs and the router is downstairs behind the tv.The internet is literally perfect for 90% of my w...

misraa by Joining in
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