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Hub status data - understanding network log messages

N Warning: Long, dull, a bit technical. NHaving needed to repeat myself a few times, I thought I'd share my understanding of what you might find in a Hub 3's network log when things go wrong, and what it means.  First of all, this post is based on my...

Andrew-G by Alessandro Volta
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Hub 5 via TP Link VR2800 degraded download speeds

I've got my new Hub 5 on Volt 1Gig connected via the hub's 2.5gb port to my TP Link router in modem mode. The TP link's internal speed checker shows between 450-490mbps download (and usually around 90 upload, which is fine), which is much less than w...

Misold as Customer Service lack adequate technical knowledge.

I'm a bit frustrated. I'm currently on a volt 350mb package and since my router is on the brink and has a constant red light, I thought I'd upgrade to gig1 since I would be needing a new router anyway.I called on Monday and was reassured several time...

Trypta by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Issues in GU22 area?

Hinot sure if this is the right place, but my broadband has been a bit temperamental since Friday.The issue checker says there is a TV problem in our area but Broadband is fine. Not sure I trust this though.For the last few days though the connection...

blueatom by Tuning in
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Slow broadband speed

Why is the broadband speed significantly reduced in the bedrooms compared with the living room where the router is? The house is not big, and we don't have lots of devices connected at the same time.

nvalumi by Joining in
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Constant drops and really slow page load times

Hi,I'm new to Virgin Media and so far my experience has been awful. We are getting constant drops throughout the day and even more so in the evenings. It will also sometimes take up to 10 seconds for a simple webpage to load. Gaming is also near on i...

Why is 1gig upload speed nowhere near the dl speed?

In other countires, the download speed and upload speed are basically the same, or not far of.Here with virgin yes they have decent download speed on the 1gig plan but why is the upload nowhere near the download does anybody know?Thanks

revat6 by Joining in
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XGS-PON Packages

Virgin have nearly finished rolling out their XGS-PON FTTP product in my area, I was speaking to one of their guys that confirmed what they were rolling out and he said it is capable of 10Gbps symmetric.I know you won't be able to get 10Gbps from the...

MrJG08 by Tuning in
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Upgraded speed not applied

I had someone from Virgin call me the other day as my contract was due to expire in a couple of months, tried to offer me the world which I didn't need, and eventually we agreed on paying (X) amount for the 512mbs line.I was told that an adapter woul...

Swapped brand speed yet slow

Saturday afternoon I thought I'd go from having 250mb broadband to 500mb now its Sunday and it seams slow so I called them and they said an engineer will Come round tursday plus I've got a hub so I hope he fixes it.

Dexder by Tuning in
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