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Poor speed Service!

What is it with Virgin! They offer the earth and give nothing. Just over a week into a brand new service and the connection speed drops to sun 40mps when I’m charged for 250! Try and find support number to speak to a human - forget it! Why is it the ...

Willyboy by Joining in
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Volt Benefits not activated

Hi,I have signed up for both virgin media as well as O2 however my volt benefits have not been activated and it is past the 14 day window. Early this week I received an email from Virgin apologising for the delay for my volt and they would boost my I...

Evan92 by Joining in
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Longer Ping time compared to other ISP

I recently got VM and a Hub 5 using RFoG(Radio Frequency over Glass), the Coax run is 0.5m. An engineer came out to fix an Upstream critical error which was manifesting itself as dreadful upload speeds, that's now sorted. But my long ping times persi...

sacon14 by Joining in
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Not getting full 1Gbps speeds? READ THIS.

Hi all,Just wanted to share some experiences after recently upgrading to 1Gbps Virgin Media package. After getting the upgrade, I wanted to verify I was getting what I paid for and as such I went on a mission to try and observe download speeds near t...

SS31_0-1669332191490.png SS31_0-1669332329466.png SS31_0-1669331652002.png SS31_1-1669331696061.png
SS31 by Tuning in
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Intermittent and sporadic speeds

Dear insightful folks,again I am suffering from slow down on my system having not made any changes to my internal system.I was getting 1.9 gbps down and 52 up, now since Thursday I’m seeing 600 down and 52 up!My system is currently in router mode to ...

RLipscomb by On our wavelength
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Sporadic speeds and outages.

Has anyone noticed how unreliable virgin has become recently? Currently on a 1GB package and the best I ever get is about 250-300mbs with at least 2 outages daily.For context my setup is a PFsense router (with 4x 10GB ports), HP Aruba switch and 4x A...

saskun by Joining in
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FTP Throttling

My FTP download speed has dropped from 30mb/sec to 700k/secI can run four simultaneous downloads all at 700k/secBut wait, fire up my VPN and FTP through them and bingo I get constant 16mb/sec which is the most can get from my VPN providerHUB3 being u...

Jontom07 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Works in area and now my speed is halfed

Appreciate help Virgin!Hi, we had an all day outage yesterday from 6am to 6:30pm for essential works in Bromley area. I am on Gig1 service.Prior to this outage my system speed tests were showing 922 down and 52 up. It was rock solid!Since the system ...

RLipscomb by On our wavelength
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Hub3 not connecting to vm connect

Hub3 not connecting to vm connect. Reading other posts i see similar issues. When i log on to virgin media to actually get a real person to help i feel i am goung around in circles as theres no provision to actually talk to somone. Ive reset logged i...

SNR issue but unsure

Hello to whom ever may read this:The past two weeks now I've had constant packet loss nearly all day and whenever I go to check for faults in my area it says there is an issue affecting my area but cannot find more updates as to when the issue will b...

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Rossamoo by Tuning in
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