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WiFi pods

How do I go  about ordering WiFi pods? 1 room is down on speed to around 27mps, a ring camera outside is struggling to work because of poor signal I’m also a Volt customer so I believe these pods are free of charge? ThanksKen 

Kendo879 by Joining in
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Packet Loss

Hello there, empty void. Having a bit of an ongoing issue recently, for at least the last few weeks and it appears to be persisting. I'm experiencing intermittent packet loss, where many connections will simply hang forever, a refresh or similar can ...

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NajH by Joining in
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Resolved! 1Gb speed

Hello, I recently got the 1Gb line on a contract renewal. But I am not getting the speeds.From the Hub 5 I have three Cat 7 ethernet connections going out from it (brand new cables). The first one in the same room is wired into my firestick, I ran th...

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No Upload speed increase..

I'm in area 30 and my online account says I should have 104 upload but I'm still stuck at 52 and I have rebooted a few times.. So whats going on Virgin?

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locky1 by Dialled in
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how to order wifi pods

hi I've recently had virgin installed and the WiFi is none existent I'm my lads room I've looked but can seem to order the pods can anyone share any light on this thanks 

rich700r by Joining in
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is moving a router uptairs worth it?

So we have been having issues with our wifi (600mb on hub 3) we get ok speeds but the signal strength is so up and down and is causing us some real headaches. Our hub is currently in our lounge and unfortunately we don't have a lot of options for oth...

Unusably slow speed only at certain times of day

On weekday evenings and weekend afternoons  the internet is so slow it's practically unusable. It takes web pages minutes to load (some fare better than others - for instance Twitter and Google won't load at all). The weird thing is that speeds come ...

Blue2424 by Joining in
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XGS-PON - 2Gbps trial?

Had my new service installed today. Nice new XGS-PON full fibre with the new 5X hub. Really quick install - up and running in no time. I’ve seen some reports of tests/trials of a 2000 down, 200 up speed package. Is there an application process to try...

pob42 by On our wavelength
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Cloud backup restore - Connection throttled?

I am trying to restore a backup from the cloud. I use Crashplan, and my backup is 5TB. My restore was running fine for (almost exactly) 24 hours, when suddenly my router restarted itself and when it came back online I was only able to download from C...

tombacon by Joining in
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M125 to M250 upgrade

I have upgraded my M125 to M250 via Black Friday deal. My Virgin app states I’m now on M250 but speed hasn’t changed. Ookola still reading 95mbs on 5 ghz network, same as before.Hub is in modem mode. And I’ve rebooted modem and router. Is this normal...

Poolesim by Joining in
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