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Exceptionally poor broadband service

Hello there,We have been suffering from frequent internet outages / loss of broadband service for months now. Our hub was replaced but the problems have continued. The technician who visited last week found that there was no problem with our connecti...

Wi-Fi Pods

How do you order Wi-Fi pods? I was sent one by Virgin staff on here over a year ago which fixed the slow connection in 1 bedroom however the other bedrooms are about 15mbps.Our speed in other areas of the house are in around 300mbps.I need 2 pods to ...

Resolved! Download Speed Drops To 50mbps

Hi there! I recently upgraded my internet to the "Gig1" package and had it installed a month ago, For the first few weeks everything seemed fine and I was getting around 700-900mbps download speed which was fantastic, Then all of a sudden around the ...

ZanyJay by Tuning in
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icloud download slow? Does Apple slow things down

I am downloading my data from Apple's data privacy centre in icloud as it wont let you download more than 1000 photos at any one time.However the rate is about 6 meg / second on a PCDoes Apple deliberately throttle the bandwidth from their end? I'm p...

mda99das by Up to speed
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So slow and unreliable! And very expensive!

Does anyone know how to contact VM directly, to cancel? I know they are holding me to ransom, and it will cost a fortune to break the contract, but I'm not paying £50/month for less than 10mbps, and frequent dropouts. It's just not fit for purpose, e...

RWR by Joining in
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Virgin internet speeds

Hi i have the 264gb package whenever i test my download speed's i get the guaranteed speed ,whenever i try to download a game or something it maxes out around 11gb . Im missing some fine print in the contract or they just rubbish?

Slow ethernet speeds

Hi, I have a peculiar issue that still presents even after factory resetting the hub I've tried two different devices via ethernet cable to eliminate a device being the problem.My phone gets around 888mbit last speed test on wifi6, however for some r...

willhub by Joining in
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SamKnows issue?

Hi guys. Today I discovered that the SamKnows website, the official VM tool to monitor speed to the hub, is giving strange results. Regarding the speed coming from the street TO my hub4, it says it's getting ZERO both in download and upload speeds. T...

Cesco by On our wavelength
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