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1GBS & upload limited to 85 Mbps

My upload is limited to about 85 MBS average sometimes its 70 sometimes its up to 90.I used to be able to get 104mbs on speedtests but now I can't and I recall another user having this issue. 3.0 Upstream channelsChannel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) S...

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locky1 by Dialled in
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Booster not producing WiFi through wireless or wired connection.

We got a booster because the hub range is about 8 metres. The booster was at the top of the stairs but seemingly doing nothing as if the thing wasn't even turned on (it was) I came back to it earlier today and it was pulsing green so I took it into m...

eyesis by Joining in
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Upload speeds - No real increase

Following the increase in the upload speeds, my line went from 52mb upload and now I get around 70mb.  I believe the speeds were increased to 104mb upload ?   This is testing via a wired connection directly to the Home Hub ( v4 ) Reading some other p...

H3av3N by Tuning in
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Deadzones in house

Hi,I got my new broadband installed on Saturday. I've always had deadzones in the house, hence going with Virgin Media as signing up for Volt 350 i was informed if i had deadzones i would receive 3 free wifi pods. I asked the engineer on Saturday and...

How to order Wi fi pods

I need to order wi fi pods . I'm a volt customer so am entitled to up to 3 WiFi pods free of charge to boost my Internet and I can't find anywhere to order them  I've tested on the app and in one if my rooms , the speed was less than 10mb . Can someo...

Connection drops to little or Zero speeds until I Unplug router

So I've been with VM for about 16 years at my current address and up until 12 months ago had pretty good BB service, always had the highest speed they offer and been happy with it.In the last 6 months I've had 6 or 7 engineers attend my property I've...

UkYoungy by Joining in
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Wi-fi wont work with hub for 3 month

Every time I can only get 30mb when I get 250mb so 3 month ago I was told about the hub on the telephone then waited.Im not thick but no matter what it stayed 30mb or less so I got the engineer out twice he told me no hub should be in my bedroom wher...

Dexder by Tuning in
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Resolved! Latency Spikes

Ever since I renewed my contract and went from a Superhub 3 to Superhub 4, I have been getting latency spikes.  I have been monitoring this since 9th December and it happens every day.  If I am on a conference call or I'm streaming video, it causes t...

cookd53 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! OL9 postcode

Hi there my board band speed is very shocking at the munnite is there any work beeing done or is it just me lows of 7 meg to 100 meg when i aim on m200 or 250 what is going can some one help

Passat11 by Tuning in
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