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So how can i get the 2.2gig service

So how can i get the 2.2gig service my street connection cabling is new only routed about 6 months ago, but it does not show as available on there website 


Hi Is it possible for me to get a booster please?Weve had the internet a few months and we are getting poor signal in the back of the house which has been extended.. I went through the virgin media connect app and it advised me to try a booster. We a...

Harsha90 by Tuning in
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Cable severed

I’ve getting a garden wall built and my services have gone down. I’m presuming they have severed the cable. Can anyone help?

AN13 by Joining in
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Unable to reset Router

Hi Team - I`ve been on the app and carried out a factory reset of the router, this didn`t improve the speed ( currently 22 mbs stood by router, worse else where ) . I then turned the router off, paused and rebooted - again no improvement. I then pres...

EllenKay by Joining in
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Slow and getting worse

So we had an offer after a year to upgrade (from 350) to 500mb. When we checked the offer we could also take a 1gb package, for only a fiver a month we took it. The problem we have is the speed is rubbish. Speed test on cat6 gig Ethernet is only gett...

kunin by Joining in
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Speed - dropped to 500mb after upgrade

As you seem to be helping a lot of other people I wonder if you could help me!!! So been with Virgin and O2 for a while and had 1GB speed, I upgraded my Virgin Contract changed and noticed that for some reason my broadband speed has dropped to 500mb?...

Dinger by Dialled in
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Intermittent signal, daily disconnections

Hi, for the past few months we’ve been getting increasingly frequent drop outs of our broadband. I think it’s been happening since the volt upgrade (1gig was fine before that as far as I recall). Rebooting the modem sometimes fixes it but it has beco...

Gig2 speed has not been applied

I upgraded from Gig1 to Gig2 this morning, during the upgrade I was told the change would take upto 30 minutes and to reboot the router after that time. After 4-5 hours and multiple reboots the router still synced at 1100mbps down and 110 up the old ...

Slow upload again

Located in SP4 8 area. After problems with slow upload earlier this month for about a week or so(less than 1mb) which caused problems loading pages & streaming. We are now experiencing the same problem. The fix date is 8th of March. Last time I regis...