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No Virgin media socket

Hi, We have recently signed up for Virgin Media and we received our new Virgin Media Hub 4 yesterday, upon setting up the modem there are no internal sockets out we only have a wire and no external junction box! Trying to speak to someone on the phon...

Resolved! Moving virgin media setup to another room

Need an engineer appointment to move my virgin media setup to another room. Not much luck trying to book via phone as got lost in the options myriad. Can someone from virgin media contact me on the forum to book a non-fault engineer appointment ?Than...

kapilt by Joining in
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Resolved! My address isn't listed

Hi all, hope you can help.Been trying for months to join Virgin Media, however our address isn't listed. I've filled out a form on the main site countless times and called up a few times, always to be told I'll get a call back, but still haven't rece...

Thinking about upgrading..

Currently I am on the M350 package which seems to be working well (had an issue a few days ago with the superhub going slow but turns out I had to hold the reset button for 60 seconds so solve that issue)However, I am thinking of upgrading my package...

mbhgb by Tuning in
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Re: Hub 3 Red Light - Overheating?

Having the same problem at the moment.The hub isn’t hot at all and the connection has been dropping 3-4 times a day for about 2 weeks now. Just tried a factory reset by pressing the pin hole button. It boots up and then lands in this stable red light...

Adguil by Joining in
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Nobody can find my details

Hi,I'm not able to proceed with my cancellation because when I ring 08000521734 to cancel, they say that can't find my information on their system. With the first person that pick the call, they can confirm my security word, but when I get transferre...

Ditzel by Tuning in
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Resolved! 2 weeks to get back online

Yesterday, a neighbour had some workmen in who accidentally cut through our cable.  We're happy to pay for the connection to be reestablished but have been told that the earliest possible date is 2 weeks away!  My wife and I both work from home and t...