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looking for contact details of virgin survey team to gain permission for drop kerb Pete 

Wi-Fi pod needed

Hi, I’ve just recently joined Virgin media and I’m wanting to order my first Wi-Fi pod as one room in the house is almost a dead zone.. Cant seem to find anywhere on the website where you can actually request for one.I have the Gig1 broadband and it ...

Pausing Devices

I paused a few devices last night. This morning no devices were shown under the "paused" section of the app and most of them were connected to the Internet. One device is not connecting and there're still no devices under the paused list. I've reset ...

Virgin Hub 3.0 stuck on red light

Hi all,  I've had my virgin hub 3.0 (the white one) for quite a while now, and I've noticed that it has been stuck on the red light for a long long time now even though I can still contact. I have sporadically restarted it by switching it off and wai...

Resolved! Connect app can’t find hub, unable to order free pods

 Since getting the Hub 5 installed a couple of days ago, my Connect app can’t find my hub even though I’m connected to it and it is working. I have a couple dead spots upstairs and also at the back of the house but I’m unable to confirm these with th...

emcdubb by On our wavelength
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Resolved! WiFi Pods consistently going offline

Hi, I currently have a Hub 3 with 3 x WiFi pods.  Practically every day the pods go offline and have to be rebooted.  Totally affecting my work programme.  What causes this.  I’m on a top package. 

Dinger by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Wifi Pod needed!

Hi allHaving trouble getting hold of a WiFi Pod.  I ran a test through the connect app in all rooms and it keeps disconnecting in the same room and switching to mobile data so clearly something isn't right!  The kids cant use their tablets in the roo...

bot24bel by Joining in
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Resolved! Help with WiFi pods, connection still poor upstair

Hey, is there any one here that can help me with these WiFi pods, currently have 2 pods and the router to cover 3 story 4 bed building!   Always had a problem getting signal on the top floor, 2 rear bedrooms on the middle floor and my WiFi cameras on...

Makka7779 by On our wavelength
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Virgin updates everyday

For past month my Internet cuts off 8.30pm to 9pm then this week from 9.30 to 10pm every night once going on I am a gamer and when I'm in a game and bought packs etc to loose them and having to wait to get them back I'm sure some can relate mw2 dmz a...