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Resolved! Renewal Links in Emails and texts don’t work

My contract expires shortly and I have received a few emails and texts from Virgin that contain a link to look at my renewal offers. However, when clicked they all take me to a “Oops looks like something has gone wrong” page. If this a known error an...

SandraWoo by On our wavelength
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Email renewal

I received an email to renew my contract a week ago and I went ahead to renew my contract, I received an email of my contract summary and order summary with an estimated activation date of 8th may, it's now 9th may but there's been no change on my ac...

manzir95 by Tuning in
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Correcting address

I need to correct an address mismatch between my Virgin and O2 accounts, as this seems to prevent O2 from recognising Volt eligibility. The virgin account includes a flat number, which is odd as the property is a single dwelling (the O2 address finde...

Referrals award

Good afternoon!  I'm having an issue where I’m still waiting for my £50 referral to be paid out.  It’s been pending for over 6 months - I’ve contacted Aklamio and they told me it’s down to virgin media to deal with this, but virgin say it’s up to Alk...

Moving Home and Contract

Hi I hope someone here can help me. I’ve been pushed to the edge by VM over the past week and a half. They disconnected me 1.5 weeks early before moving home, couldn’t reconnect me after 4 ‘reconnection forms’ raised, 6-7 different operators assuring...

Jola by Joining in
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Re: Return of Hub3

Hi, I have returned my equipment and tracking also shows it as having been delivered however I have just received a bill charging me for non-return.Why is this happening and seemingly happening to so many others? 

Isobel2 by Joining in
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'Returned' Equipment

I returned my Virgin Media broadband router etc. on 27/04/24, Yodel tracking confirms it was received by Virgin Media on 03/05/24, yet today I've received yet another reminder (text and email) to return the equipment or face a £65 charge.  How are yo...

FG1972 by Joining in
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Return of Hub3

Hi,I sent my old Hub3 back to VM on 28/04/24 from my local Yodel shop. I am now getting emails and txts asking me to return it. I do have a tracking number but to track it I need the delivery postcode which I dont have.Can someone help please?ThanksS...