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Resolved! Phone Adapter and Number transfer

Hi, I have a new upgraded contract with home phone dated from 4 August. I’ve been waiting since before then for a phone adapter and home phone number transfer from BT. I have contacted VM twice to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. 

aodavids by Tuning in
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Landline appears dead

My VM landline has no dial tone and is not ringing when anyone calls ,I have reset the hub/unplugged the phone and tried everything but there is still an issue,I am unsure how long this has been going on as we seldom use it. 

Spurry1 by On our wavelength
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Landline not working

There is no tone on my landline since a power cut on Thursday - I have tried different phones in the sockets without success.There doesn't appear to be an easy way to book an engineer so would appreciate some guidance.Thanks

G6OAP by Joining in
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Fibre Phone set up

Hi,I have received my adapter for the fibre phone switchover, i've connected it as stated in the instructions but its not working, and hasn't been for a few days.Do i need to book an engineer? If so how do i do this?Thanks 

potential crossed line/call charges

Hi, I seem to be having a problem where I'm being charged for calls I've not made. I've searched this problem on here and it seems that others have had this problem too. I started being charged for these calls in the last couple of weeks. I know open...

Number porting progress

HiI'm moving from BT to Virgin for all of my services. I'm getting my QuickStart pack delivered on 23rd. September. I've requested a number port via Virgin but am unsure of which date this will be active and have had no written confirmation. I don't ...

Resolved! Phone spoofing?

I think my phone number is being used in a bank scam, I've had 2 calls from confused elderly people who have been told to call my number re their bank accounts. What can I do?!

Help to sort problem with landline disconnection

My landline was disconnected on 19th August with no warning from Virgin. I tried to find out what the issue was via web chat and believed it to be getting sorted. It's still not sorted and trying to do this via web chat is practically impossible as t...

rossapol by Tuning in
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Mesh installation

We have just purchased a virgin package that includes tv, broadband and land line. We have a mesh system which we would like to continue using, but by plugging in and turning off the hub, will this affect the landline?

alicox10 by Joining in
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Box left open by engineer

 Engineer came on Monday to ‘fix’ our landline, which, surprise, surprise, turned out not to be our issue.  He left brown outside box like this which we only spotted on Tuesday.  Called Virgin, told an engineer would come Wednesday.  No one’s been, b...

Sdyer7 by Joining in
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