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Landline not working since Emergency Backup Line upgrade

Hi,Our emergency backup line was upgraded last Friday, and our landline hasn't worked since. We had an issue with our landline several months ago, and the engineer that time connected our landline to a fixed cellular terminal. The engineer who instal...

ft2118 by Joining in
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engineer visit - landline not near router

From looking at the forum I need an engineer visit to enable Vigin to upgrade the landline to cable. My router is in a cupboard about 15 feet from my phone. Help please.  

crozza by Joining in
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Line Cord Error

I’ve been looking through the forum and noticed that there are several problems the same as mine!I’ve also checked both phones, lines, cables, Ethernet, wires, resets and tried the number to test ALL to no avail!! I even checked to see if there is an...

Telhb by Joining in
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line cord error

Hi,Home phone showing line cord error for past ten days or so. Tried two different phones in test socket with no success.  I assume it's a VM fault. Website sends you round in circles, probably by design.Any idea's?Thanks,Peter

Pierre61 by Joining in
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Resolved! Transfer of old landline number

When signing up to VM, I requested the transfer of our landline number.  I can see no reference to it on the contract paperwork and can only hope it is being dealt with.  Meanwhile, I have postponed the termination of the contract with our previous p...

Phone chord

Message to Mattew_ml.All now working since Sat pm as with neighbours phone. Do i still need engineer?

CWool by Joining in
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Resolved! fibrephone

Since the changeover to fibrephone I have lost my ringtone  for incoming calls. I am able to make outgoing calls OK but have not received any incoming , or rather I have but have been unaware of them!  Any advice and help would be appreciated.Also, i...

Cannot get support for home phone fault

My home phone is not working. I had called the 0345 454 1111 support line and got to the point where i am told they are running some tests and to call back in 10 minutes, tap in my home phone number and I will be able to get the results straight away...

Resolved! Landline no dial tone

My landline is not working so can't phone 151Website does not appear to have means there to contact and report so can't report.Am I just expected to wait and hope it gets fixed with no contact?

dnpark38 by Knows their stuff
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