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‘No Signal’ after TV box Welcome Screen

Turn TV box on, as normal.I get the ‘Welcome’ screen, as normal.’Welcome’ screen disappears, as normal.Moments later, TV throws-up a ‘No signal’ error.There must have been signal to get the ‘Welcome’ screen, so not a cabling issue.Other devices worki...

NPalin59 by Joining in
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Resolved! Fast forward 360

I was offered the 360 box upgrade and took it before reading any of these community answers, what a shame. Having said that, I’ve had loads of problems for the last 2 years when I was changed  to a V6 box on TIvo, so I was hopeful it would be better ...

LAR1955 by Joining in
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360 box rebooting while watching CH5

Hi.Bit of a strange one, my 360 box regularly reboots, but only when I'm watching CH5 or 5 Action (maybe 5 min into watching, sometimes longer.) This even seems to happen while watching recordings of said channels.It always starts with a CS2002 error...

Odds by Tuning in
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TV360 Box lack of indication and indifferent status

Is it me but the TV360 is so lacking in indications that even the single red light on the front seems to mean ...What ?? Sure the power is on but when you tell the box to power up not even the Red Light Blinks  and there is no other indication by any...

Remote broke

The down button on our tV remote does not work. Only had it since Feb so not been over used. Can a new one be sent out please? 

np17 by Tuning in
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TV power supply stopped working

The power supply to my Virgin TV box has stopped working so i can watch any TV other than on my laptop.When i go on My Virgin Media to work through the fault and report it, it says issues at Virgins end and come back in 30 mins but each time i go bac...

Walshy71 by Joining in
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Pixelation on many channels

I have just recently noticed pixelation occurring on several channels occasionally with an accompanying on screen message about "Channel Fail". It can go for a long time with no problems then suddenly pixelation and slight freezing. Anyone else seein...

Voice Control Not working - 360

Every time I try to issue a voice command, such as "Back 5 minutes", "Forward 10 minutes", etc., I just get a message saying "Sorry, didn't catch that" or "Sorry, didn't understand you there".I've replaced the batteries, but it makes no difference. I...