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More apps added to TV360

The following apps have been added to my TV360 box overnight.A-Maze-ing Mac, Dance TV, Hangman, Solitaire Classic, Space Moodies, Tetris and World Poker TourIt reminds me of the old days when VM had other games apps, although offhand I can only remem...

newapollo by Very Insightful Person
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Splitter cable too short for Tv 360

Hi I recently upgraded to 360TV and received the self-install boxset without issue. Unfortunately, the cable supplied is too short to make it to the TV box from the router. There’s no way to move the Tv or router. Got the box connected to Wi-Fi but n...

Resolved! TV 360 - HDD failure

Hi,Sometime last week my TV 360 box was failing to display any channel and coming up with the error message that all channels failed. I rebooted the TV 360 box and I can now watch TV, however none of my recordings work and I cannot pause or rewind li...

Replacement 360

I have lost my remote for my 360 box. I have worked through the how to's but when I get to the "order remote", the button does nothing. How do I order a replacement?

TNT Sport setting up channels

Had TNT(BT) sports for the last few years. Renewed my contract last week and ever since the day it Renewed I haven't been able to watch it on my TV as it's stuck on settings up channels.It's been 6/7 days now. I've had an engineer out who said this n...

How does the switch over occur?

I currently have 3 tivo v6 boxes. i was always under the impression that i would have one box kept and then sent two minis and have to return my two v6 boxes before I could upgrade to 360 software. Is this not correct or has this changed as I've been...

djr_uk by Up to speed
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