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Dialog not in sync with picture

Since we've been recently upgraded to Virgin 360. We've have been experiencing problems with the dialog on Sky Ultra & BT (TNT) 4K being out of sync with the picture. I think the dialog is ahead of the picture.The box was modified by an engineer and ...

Sky Sports Live

Hi, Everyone Just join Virgin TV.I recently subscribed Sky Sports HD pack, Notice Sky Sports Main Event Live coverage is ahead of Sky Sports Premier League coverage around 5 second ahead, Is anyone experiencing this?Thanks

Cs2117 not listed and cannot get through to support

Hi, my tivo box has stopped being able to playback recordings, record or pause. Code is c2117 but then reboots. Support sends me to a page without that code, 150 sends me to live chat who texts me what's app and then sticks me in a loop to wait and w...

power lead for virgin mini box

I've now contacted Virgin media 3 times and all I'm trying to get is the mains power lead on my virgin mini box and I've been sent a remote control and the 2nd time a hdmi cable!!!!!!didn't realise it was so difficult to get a mains power cable.can a...

Bill taken from my bank but says i still need to pay.

hi!So i started a contract with Virgin in June of this year for broadband and tv as I've been with them for mobile and I've never had a problem till now. They've taken the money for the first bill out of my flatmates account (a total of £63.98) howev...

Re: V360 Issues

I had a problem with not being able to view my recordings on the 360 as it kept saying 'can't connect to TV1 36', I've since found out that they do have a problem with the 360 but having since moved the other smaller box from upstairs as Virgin sugge...

Virgin tv 360 box

I’ve just renewed my contract and the only deal offered to keep price down was the 360 box which I didn’t want but had to have.  It arrived yesterday and I have issues with it, as I have a fire tv in lounge I thought I’d put in bedroom HaHa..  firstl...

TV 360 HDR

Is there a way to turn if HDR on the newly added sky sports UHD channels?The HDR is very very dark, too dark. This is probably down too the TV. However I can not turn HDR off on the TV.So is it possible to turn if HDR through the TV360 box, because u...

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