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TNT Sports Ultimate HDR

Hi, I’ve noticed today when I changed the channel on TNT Sports Ultimate that now HDR it’s available like on all Sky Sports UHD channels. So, the quality should be better now. I’m sure that not all people will be happy with this change because of the...

Dolby atmos on tnt ultimate

I cannot get a Dolby Atmos commentary on channel 531. I used to when it was BT.I do get Dolby Atmos on sky uhd channels when available, as watching the 17:30 footy match today.Has TNT stopped Dolby atmos on virgin channel 531 or is it a technical iss...

Disney+ quality

Hi,Does anyone else have the constant issue of the picture quality on Disney+ via the 360 box dropping from 4K to what I can only assume is 480p on a regular basis? it is driving me insane! Karl

Hi I had to move my 360 box, the current cable that goes into the back of box isn’t long enough, I was wondering if it’s possible to get a longer cable to go from back of box to these connections, photo attached, or will I need a technician to call, ...

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Virgin 360 Power supply

Good morning My 2nd 360 box power supply is faulty and I need a new one sent out, I’ve been trying to get in contact with Virgin for nearly a week, I’ve been unable to use the box Are you able to sort this for me ? 

360 not able to pause or rewind and also will not record

Hi, I am posting this on behalf of my 78 year old parents who have spent the past month either on hold to Virgin or running through a million different things Their 360 box will not pause, rewind or record. They have been told it's the remote, there ...

downgrade from 360 to V6 TiVo

As above I completely hate the 360 software am I able to request downgrade back to TiVo software as you can't even undelete a show on this disaster of a software.  accidentally delete a show and its gone forever.   its just software at the end of day...

New Remote Needed

Can someone get back to me to arrange for new 360 remote please.Back button on current remote is failing.Tried Support Chat, but it seems to be broken at present with repeated Sign On loop. 

Error Codes

I keep getting error codes. A technician has already been out and just did a factory reset, this fixed it for about 2 hours.Error codesCS2000CS2318CS2314I can’t pause or rewind live tv, all recordings fail or an error code that they can’t be played c...

JRG_13 by Joining in
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Netflix app slow/sluggish

I know this post was a few months ago now but I find I’m having the same issue. All other apps work as expected but Netflix is very sluggish and often struggles. Are there any updates due to fix this? My built in TV app is faster then this