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Can I watch the news for a different region?

Nonetheless .... can I watch a different region?   For example I'd like to watch BBC South West news on my VM box (I'm in London).   I could do this on Sky on Channel 962, but I don't see it on Virgin.

ntruby by Dialled in
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360 upgrade

Hi all just had a message on the banner at the top of the page on my v6 box and also in messages that I can upgrade to 360 for free? Is it worth doing and if I do what happens to all my recordings and series links?  Thanks 

360 Box Stuck On Welcome- Tried Everything?

Hi Folks,I have a 360 box that is stuck on the welcome page.I’ve tried all the reset/hard reboot techniques, (turning it off from the mains/turning it off and pressing power & + buttons for 30 secs while powering on etc), no blue light, nothing but t...

Virgin 360 not picking up on tv when you switch on

Very new to virgin ( less than 24 hours) when we turn on the tv via virgin remote it all comes on but I have to press the source button to select hdmi 1 which is virgin.  When it was first installed it did this automatically on switch on but now not ...

Jacmac1 by Joining in
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Resolved! 360 box has stopped working on One Power

HiMy 360 box was connected to my Samsung TV so the One button would switch both on and off. Suddenly for no apparent reason it has stopped and I need to do both separately. tried a reset but nothing seems to work. Any ideasTIA Peter. 

RS6avant by On our wavelength
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Resolved! problem using remote in recordings

when investigating recordings on TV360 only a few recorded programs show and not the one I want to watch. When I select view all I can only view page at a time and not line by line so still unable to view programme I want to watch.

jayhcee by On our wavelength
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Disney+ login

I've had a Disney+ subscription since the service became available a couple of years ago. My account is not linked to my VM account, but I've accessed it through the Disney+ app on my 360 box since the app was available.Recently, I reset my 360 box, ...

davorg by Up to speed
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Netflix App won’t load

The Netflix app has stopped working on my box. The other apps still load okay but Netflix brings up the ‘N’ logo with the loading circle and then it won’t go any further. I can use Netflix on the TV upstairs so it’s not a Netflix or broadband issue. ...

iancoady by Joining in
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TV Channel listings

Hi,Is there a setting or way of being able to flick through the channels I have without having to flick through ones I don't have?Cheers.

CSW1984 by Joining in
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v360 box shuts off

 My v360 boxhas red light on constant  welcome screen appears  for 2 and half minutes then tv box clicks then shuts downthen the welcome screen appears again then keep repeating the process where its shuts down previous problems with Tv  not recordin...