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Main box offline or not connected

When trying to watch recordings on my mini box, I intermittently get the message" main box is offline or not connected try turning it on". The main 360 box however is turned on. Both boxes are set to Fast start and 24hrs. The main 360 box is only a c...

Jono24 by Joining in
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When trying to view recordings the code CS2217 comes up, have factory reset the 360 box, checked cables etc but still having issues, can anyone assist with this issue.

Advice please

Hello, I am not very clued up on the Virgin media stuff, so take it easy on me.I recently renewed my package for a cheaper deal. Part of the deal included a 360 upgrade in the contract I received.  I have been sent the new remotes and a new listing o...

Peejay2 by Joining in
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EPG error

 360 box says darts for snooker on itv4

vj79 by Tuning in
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Resolved! ‘Easy Access’ ghost watermark displayed on screen

Since upgrading from a V6 box to Virgin 360 in late December 2022, I see ‘ghost’ lines / bars … Ala a watermark effect on my screen (horizontally across bottom third of screen, always in the same place  … and also a box top right of screen with the w...

2F5699F7-B4AB-4CEC-838A-B6FFE4F42FC0.jpeg D72BCF2E-C13B-45C5-BB4F-F9F8557C86B8.jpeg AFB4977D-63D0-43D5-A21F-E156F93C6720.jpeg F80C91F2-5A2A-4AE0-92C1-DAA641C9D934.jpeg

Am I actually getting UHD content?

 So I recently subscribed to the Sky Sports UHD channels, however, I didn't really notice that much of an improvement over the regular HD channel, if any.When I look at the info section, it seems to show that it's only HD? Shouldn't this show UHD or ...

jtalep by Tuning in
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Error CS2000 when pausing / rewinding

I've posted about a similar issue before, but I am unable to pause / rewind TV and always get the error CS2000 (See image)Power cycling the box resolves it for a short while, and then it starts again. Ive tried VM chat services, but got nowhere. Im c...

m4tty_j by Tuning in
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Tv channels pixelated still after 9 months

I'm getting so bored now and fed up with trying to get our issue sorted out.Since June when we had virgin installed our TV goes off every single day for atleast an hour.We've had the hub replaced the tv box replaced numerous of engineers come out to ...