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Updating two v6 boxes

HiI have just upgraded to 360 on one of my v6 boxes and got a message saying I will receive my remote in 5 days.All good but as I have two V6 boxes and read they will update at the same time. Will I automatically be sent two remotes?When I go to upgr...

paulq89 by Tuning in
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No TV service

Today we have lost our TV service due to the failure of the 360 box.VM have told us that we need a new box which will take at least 3 days to arrive.In the meantime we have no TV services. Furthermore, and whilst waiting for the new box to arrive, we...

DuffDuff by Tuning in
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Resolved! Virgin 360 turning on at night + turning tv on

Hi everyone, I’ve been having problems with my virgin 360 mini where it keeps turning on (mostly at night) but turning the tv on with it. On the 7th of July at around 2 in the morning the light on the box turned red (the light was off beforehand and ...

Remote wont control tv

Just updated to tv360, remote will not control tvWhen trying to pair it sees tv, but won't pair saying, sorry some services not available right now  we working hard to fix. Messages code CS9993.I have tried everything else from suggestions and help l...

alan1955 by Joining in
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Disney+ and Amazon picture quality high contrast

Hi all,Yesterday our Disney+ and amazon prime video apps have started to have a really high contrast picture. It's completely unwatchable. Any program that has light colours looks like a torch is being shone on the screen. Ordinary TV is normal, as i...

Sky Comedy problem

This is happening for me on Sky Comedy as well. Very noticeable whilst watching Jimmy Fallon.  It really does take away from the viewing experience. Can it be escalated to be fixed? 

Sambo6654 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! 360 has deleted all the recordings

Hi our 360 ( this being a TIVO box that was converted to 360) has deleted ( very annoyingly) all of our recording and now has minimal planned recordings. Seemingly can’t recover the deleted items. From what I can read this means the box is becoming f...

MickLee by Tuning in
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360 upgrade request

Hi BlueLou. Over the last few days I have called and WhatsApp messaged VM three times, and each time I have been told I cannot get the 360 upgrade without recontracting and raising my monthly price. Please can you clarify what is going on here? Thank...