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When watching recordings it say’s delete halfway through the programme is there a way to stop this and why does it do it. It’s on most recordings that this happens 

Resolved! V360 Wiping planned and actual recordings

I have just returned from a 3 week holiday and keen to catch up with the many programmes I recorded. To my horror, all my planned and actual recordings have been wiped. I suspect this has been caused by (yet another) software upgrade.  Can (a) anyone...

Peteseeger by On our wavelength
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Freezing on YouTube

Whenever my sons try to watch YouTube on the box after a while it comes off YouTube and freezes on the last recorded program we watched with a spinning circle. Only way to come off this is to turn the box off at the switch and reset it. Any ideas how...

Waspy666 by Joining in
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Deleting Multiple recordings at once

On my old virgin remote i was able to delete multiple recordings at once by pressing clear? Im unable to work out how to do this on the 360 remote? Is this possible?  Thanks

Suzi81 by Joining in
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V6 to 360 is it generally worth upgrading?

What’s the general opinion on 360? I’ve basically ignored it so far but got an email through offering a free upgrade so tempted to give it a whirl. I’ve read about the factory wipe to install the new OS, which I can live with, but are their any downs...

CS1011 error

Yesterday I received and installed a second 360 box which, once set up worked (and still works) completely fine. However since this morning the main 360 box that is hardwired via an ethernet cable has been showing a CS1011 error. I have phone support...

Oli3212 by Joining in
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360 upgrade issue

Tried upgrading to 360 this evening, box 1 shows ma1/15/40 called virgin told me its not a valid error code and to reboot everything 3 times. Still no fix , tech have escalated it with a fix time of 5 days. Came upstairs to other box stuck in booting...

Sfriday by Tuning in
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Virgin tv 360

Just started using virgin tv 360, why when virgin goes down or you replace a lead, do all your planned and recorded programs get wiped off and deleted!!

5763 by Joining in
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TV 360 Upgrade

Himessage to John_GSyou have been messaging my other half regrading the upgrade which id now being delivered tomorrow i am the account holderyoursDebs