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Constant dropouts on 630mbps package

Hi, My internet has been nothing but shocking today. Fortunately, I'm not working, unfortunately, rubbish internet ruins a day off. My speeds show as fine when using fast.com (unbiased, Netflix doesn't care whether you're Virgin, Sky, BT or whoever) ...

Sam Knows Package Query

Hi, just a small query. While using the Sam Knows speed test I noticed there is reference to Service Provider and Package. For Virgin Media the package I have refers to 500x35. What does this mean? I for instance am on the 1gig package for VM but jus...

mkapelko by Joining in
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Awaiting Speed Increase Following Contract Change

I signed up to a new contract last week which included a speed upgrade from 50Mbps to the heady heights of 125Mbps.So far this hasn't been implemented.  Logging into My Virgin Media shows me as still on 50Mbps and that's what the modem config shows t...

Screenshot 2023-03-27 22.29.20.png
goodbodyj by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Upload speed and constant drops

Hi All,Not an uncommon problem at all but having massive fluxations in my upload speed. Looking at the network status I have these on my HUB 5. Is there anything in here that jumps out to people I need an engineer to look at? Many Thanks.Downstream b...

Resolved! Extremely slow wi-fi

This problem keeps occurring.  It gets 'fixed' and everything is fine for a few weeks then it starts up again.The helpline blame everything except Virginmedia's equipment.The last 48 hours have been dreadful.  0.19 Mb/s and the booster has disappeare...

krispix by Joining in
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Lag lag lag

I am really struggling with lack. My ping on call of duty is quite literally ranging between 30 and 280 ms. I have reset the hub. I have reset my Xbox. I have reset everything I’ve checked all the connections and still having the same issue this has ...

Babasan by Tuning in
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No services BD2 area

We lost connection on Monday 27th and still no service yet and nothing from Virgin on what the problem is. It has gone from being fixed by 12.45am Tuesday to now saying 6pm tonight. For someone who works from home the only connection is through my mo...

Resolved! Gig1 - New Hub 5 - No DOCSIS 3.1 channels

Sorry for the new thread...Received the the new Hub 5 yesterday to upgrade from my Hub 4 but noticed its not getting any 3.1 channels on the up or down. On the 4 I had it for both. I've tried resetting Hub etc to no avail. There is a SNR issue since ...