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poor speeds

Today at1155        DL   1155 Mbps

Johan by Superfast
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hub 5 very slow speeds

my hub 5 in modem mode keeps dropping speeds heres the info can i get some advice please as i have to keep rebooting for it to get to normal speedsmany thankschrisChannel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) SNR (dB) Modulation Channel ID1331000000-9.738QAM 2...

Blink Doorbell Clip Upload Failed

Hi,I recently bought a Blink Doorbell and Sync Module 2.  I've been back and forth with Blink support over the last 2-3 weeks as 98% of the time I am getting the error, Clip Upload Failed.  Although I get this error, some clips are uploading each day...

Prso9 by Dialled in
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wi fi speed

My Hub 3 is giving 100 + on ethernet down load but as low as 20 on WI FI. Is this normal? Any suggestions to improve it?0

Eme by Just joined
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Extremely slow upload speeds for nearly 2 weeks

Hi Ive been experiencing slow upload speeds of around 0.5-1 mbps every day after 1pm for the last 2 weeks. Im currently on M350.Ive contacted customer services multiple times since 8/3/23 and also raised a complaint. The issue seems to be an SNR faul...

Miles14_0-1679430809611.png Miles14_1-1679430847757.png Miles14_2-1679430947674.png
Miles14 by Joining in
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Minimum guaranteed download speed

So i know Virgin Media have the policy that if your broadband speed is below 50% of your guaranteed download speed, you have grounds to get out of the early cancellation fee.I was wondering if anyone knows if this includes wireless and not just throu...

Just upgraded from 500 to Gig1 and it no faster

Hi...Firstly let me say I have been an IT engineer for 25 years.I have a HUB5 in moded mode connected to a draytek 2866I got a rock solid 540 DL on the 500 connection but having just upgraded to Gig1 The speed varys so much but averages around 500 so...

ZaGaZ by Tuning in
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Upload Speed

This started 2 days ago and i've been experiencing some REALLY slow Upload Speed. It takes 3 minutes to load a website and when i play games i get 1000-3000 ping which i've never gotten before so its unplayable.  I done a test and the download speed ...

ares by Joining in
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