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Resolved! Upload speed died down 3 hors ago (0.0 to 0.1 mbps)

HiI live in Epsom area in KT17 postcode. Upload speed completely died about 3 hours ago. It is GCSE exam time and we need this sorted urgently. How do I contact VM tech support?Thanks

jpsh by Joining in
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UHD - Buffering

Hi,So been with Virgin for a month or so.. it all seems to be working OK except the recent outages... anyway noticed that when we're watching iPlayer and UHD content it buffers.. well I say buffers it just stops playing, we go out of the programme th...

Speed still dropping

Have complained and complained and an engineer came to visit just two days ago with no faults found. It's 'external' apparently. So I can't control whatever it is but my broadband is today only giving me around 20mbs when it should be around 117.No i...

Loofah by Joining in
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Not getting speeds as promised

I have been with virgin media for a few months now the speeds was spot on when I first got it but after the first month it has been the worst broadband I've had its ment to be the best WiFi virgin has to offer ye right plusnets speeds are faster than...

Polldog by Joining in
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Resolved! Post RS errors, trial and error, which is the best way forward?

I had posted my stats previously, and had loads of post RS errors.I have a hub 5 which is fed by a 4 way amplifier. The incoming signal is by an RG6 cable given the distance, but the RF signal may be a tad too strong.I had an engineer come out a whil...

mda99das by Up to speed
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More Virgin Media UK 1Gig Broadband Users See 100Mbps Uploads

So when will I see an improvement in the ghost calls I keep receiving? Also on numerous occasions when I try using the landline I keep getting a dead dialing tone and It takes several attempts too make a successful call connection? I have also seen a...

dmason197 by Fibre optic
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Resolved! Lose internet, then speeds drops

Ive had solid 1gig speeds for aslong as ive had the service, but in the last 2 weeks or so, i keep getting packet loss, followed by my internet dropping out. When it comes back up it will not go any higher than 90 down and 40 up. If i reboot my modem...

Packet loss since maintenance?

I'm getting frequent low-level packet loss with spikes of 100% which I observe during playing games like Valorant (which has a packet loss meter). The BQM I've setup confirms this too, though its timing isn't picking up the high 100% spikes often. I ...

shuurajou by On our wavelength
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Not getting 1Gig

HiI am paying for a 1gig broadband connection. My speed is currently 186.0 Mbps using the Virgin Media Speed Test tool. I have connected directly to the router via cable not WiFi. The router has been reset/turned off and on again.Is my connection bei...

Bob1gig by Joining in
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