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Re: Continuous Issues With Noisy Line, Multiple Visits Haven't Solved

I’ve been having exactly the same issues. So far they have tried a new hub, new internal wiring and a new cable from the street.Nothing seems to resolve the issue but what’s making it harder is when you reboot the hub the connection will be fine for ...

Krust1 by Tuning in
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Resolved! last night internet stopped

At 2215 internet went down, at 2315 still not working it got slower and slower then stopped. Service status said everything was OK. Rebooted router nothing.  This morning everything is okay. Southend on sea.

samknows cant connect.jpg speedtest fail.jpg
alien_12 by Tuning in
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hub 5 very slow

I got my new hub 5 yesterday, installed it OK everything seemed to work except when I ran samknows with a wired connection to my pc I got download of 189Mbps, upload 106Mbps. Rebooted hub several times but no improvement.  

alien_12 by Tuning in
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Only getting 20Mbps download when paying for 100Mbps

I am consistently getting 20Mbps download speed only, even in the middle of the day. I've checked the virgin slow internet page and it says it can't do a test due my router being in modem mode. The connection is *wired* not wireless.https://www.virgi...

Resolved! Network log error messages

I have a technician booked for Friday, but I just want to make sure that I am understanding the problems I am having with my broadband. For weeks now my connection has been disconnecting many many times a day.The error messages on the network log are...

Resolved! SamKnows RealSpeed test

I am connect to my Hub 3 wifi.  I try the SamKnows RealSpeed test and it says:"No router foundMake sure you’re on the same WiFi network as your Virgin Media Hub.The Virgin Media Hub must also be on router mode"I am still connected and internet is wor...

Resolved! Sky Q Slow downloads

I've recently had M250 broadband installed which is giving me consistent speed tests above 270Mb, the Hub 3 is in modem mode. The only speed issue I'm having is on a wired Sky Q box when trying to download either catch up or a movie, typically I'm se...

drodgers by Dialled in
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