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Speed question

HiI noticed recently that download speeds had dropped to around 1/3 of where they should be - only thing that had happened was another company had been digging in the street near the cabinet.Did all the usual troubleshooting to no avail. I saw that d...

b1oldie by Joining in
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Slow speeds and high ping again from 3pm 1st Aug.

Problems started around 3pm around half speed both up and down with high pings and jitter, but system check's show no reported problems yet running viginmedia page test is reports there is a problem and they are looking into it and to WAIT 24hrs befo...

SNK by Dialled in
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Resolved! Gig1 upload upgrade

Hi,Given that business customers have all just had an upload speed increase, with Gig1 customers seeing their upload speeds doubled to 100Mbps, what are the chances of this being rolled out to domestic customers?Apologies if this has already been ask...

Geoff_UK by Superfast
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Why do I have to keep restarting my router to get my full speed?

Hi,Every week I'm having to restart  my virgin router in order to get the full speed I'm paying for. It dwindles down to 30 Mbps when it should be 250 (I use FAST to check). On a restart, its back to what it should be and connections don't drop off, ...

Gig internet constant issues

Had gigabit internet for over a year and had nothing but issues our speeds are anywhere from 90Mb to 900Mb having phoned virgin customer support on several occasions i keep getting told to do a pin hole reset every single time they are total robots d...


intermittent signal issues

hey guys im having terrible download speeds , internet keeps dropping out , been going on for about a month now , had a technician come out replaced hub and splitter and i am still having the same problems , every time i run a check i get this error ...

emmal15e by Joining in
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Resolved! Loss of upstream channels

Hello , Area reference 24As of last weeks heavy rain , we have been having nightly Internet loss, noticed only one upstream channel, pretty sure there used to be 4.Stats below, please advise if fault looks to be with cabinet or my equipment, thank yo...

Broadband speed

I keep having issues with broadband speed. In my contract says minimum guaranteed speed 107mbps but I never had these kind of speeds. And today all day on virgin speed test it says 17mbps. Cannot stream anything. Tried to restart it many times. Can a...

Router download speeds drop to sub 1mb until reboot

For the last 3-4 days, suddenly both hard-wire and wifi device speeds drop from 80-150mb to sub 1mb. A reboot fixes this for around 5-6 hours but then the speeds drop again until a further reboot.  Can't see any issues in my area and checked the rout...

bmitch92 by Tuning in
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