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Resolved! M500 ?

Hi, just moved house and VM reinstalled my services including m350 broadband. I then took out a contract with O2 mobile a week later and the m350 was upped to m500. However, during all of this my download speed has almost constantly sat at 168-170Mbp...

jim_59 by Tuning in
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PS5 Slow Ethernet speeds on Gig1 Network

Doing a speed check on ps5 reports half my bandwidth of 500mbs when I have gig1 speeds. I have tried numerous Ethernet cables from cat 5e all the way to 7. When I restart the super hub 5 modem temporarily I can get 900mbs plus on the ps5 network spee...

Slow wifi upstairs

Looking for advice. Im with VM for many years and wifi upstairs was always bad. My kids are teenagers now and they need better wifi( cable is better option) to play online. I know this is a issue with blocking wifi signal. So what should i do to boos...

kushh8 by Joining in
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Recent gig1 and hub 5 upgrade, slow download speeds on Xbox

Hi, Today I got the upgrade to Gig1 from 500mb and a hub 5 router.I am using wireless xbox connection as dont have an ethernet cable long enough to connect to the router and my download speeds are exactly the same as I was getting with the 500mb pack...

ehsanr22 by Joining in
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Virgin media 350mps package Problems

Long story short had virgin media for a year now 350mps package first 3-4 months 100-150 mps. Not quite 350 but then again not to low for me to complain cant expect all the 350 mps all the time.(not using wifi , have Ethernet cable plugged in )No oth...

Resolved! Moving away from the Virgin fibre speeds

Has anyone ditched Virgin fibre (I am currently on Gig1) and gone to another supplier such as Sky who can only offer around a 60mbps in their area.I was wondering about the impact this would have on streaming, business use such as Teams meetings, gam...

archercj by Fibre optic
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Resolved! Slow download according to SamKnows Realspeed

Hi, was wondering if someone could help. Upgraded to 1 gig a few days ago and got a strange feeling things aren't running as fast as they should. Why is the router speed and device speed so much different? Im connected to 2.5G using a Belkin USB Type...


Resolved! Our Router doesn’t deliver the Wi-Fi through the house

We live in an old sandstone house. We have some thick internal walls. Some rooms don’t receive much if any Wi-Fi and we have issues streaming tv. we have used the connect app but anytime we try and get through to customer services they fob us off and...

iainpol by Joining in
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Gig1 upload speed half what it should be

 this is from my hub i pay for Gig1 broadband and was told that i would get 104mbs upload the best i have got since i signed up is 53 mbs i live in area30 when will the upload speed be what i am getting charged for 

adeysmrs by Tuning in
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Resolved! Engineer updates?

I've had a few connection issues for the last 3 days, and I'm not alone as a local community Facebook group has also had multiple comments re 'Virgin Media not working'.When I click on 'Check service status', it replies with:We can’t see any issues a...

vm1 by On our wavelength
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