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New customer, is fluctuating internet speed normal?

Just got Virgin Media installed today and the speeds are an increase over my last provider but I've noticed it's been a tad inconsistent, staying where it should be to about half the speed I should have.I know that some other networks have a 10 day b...

a good broadband/tv alternative to Virgin Media?

I'm ending my contract with Virgin Media because they are too expensive now. I was paying around £43 and now the new bill will be £75. I've been looking at Sky and Talk Talk but I've been seeing unfavorable reviews so I'm hesitating. Was wondering if...

skeet5 by Joining in
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Gig 1 Extremely Poor Performance

Hi,I recently upgraded from 250m to Gig 1.I am receiving below speeds on a wired connection, which is an absolute joke considering I am on gigabyte connection. I can barely load a Youtube video let a alone work from home or use internet for gaming wi...

evasion by Joining in
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VOLT upgrade but worse speed than previous level

Good morning guys,I've been on M125 for no issues.  Got an upgrade to M250 when contract ended again no issues downloads in the register of 260 and uploads of 25.My partner recently got an O2 sim and as a result VOLT benefits have been activated on o...

mrdeejay by Joining in
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Terrible download speed via battle net and steam

Ive been getting on average 200kbps download speed when downloading on battle net and Steam, which is absolutely dogshit for the wifi plan im on (Im on the 1gb plan) this is terrible as im not even getting 1mbp so im practically being **bleep** scamm...

tanini by Joining in
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Very poor BQM and lower speeds

Hi,My BQM has been 'spikey' for a few months but it hasn't really been a problem and speeds have been around normal.However over the weekend the BQM seems to have suddenly got much worse and speeds have dropped too.Are the forum team able to check if...

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cje85 by Trouble shooter
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Resolved! Does M250 broadband service require an upgrade from Hub 2ac?

I have been a long time customer of Virgin broadband and mobile. My mobile phone was transferred to O2 about 3 weeks ago. That went well with no glitches. Part of that change included a free upgrade in my broadband service from M125 to M250. That upg...

AndyJG by Tuning in
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Resolved! After 24 years, Its time to go,

With the service getting worse and worse over the last years    the prices going up an up,I had long chat with "virgin" , wanted a lower rate and a reliable service,    they offered me a "special deal" for 6 months,only twice the current price that a...

andrewmm by Fibre optic
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Internet speed

Am writing to say that this wifi is really slow don’t get me wrong but the Download speed is fine 300mbp per second but when am gaming or even trying to search safari or even watch Netflix or YouTube it’s really slow like just now it kept saying the ...