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Restart router (HUB 3) for increased connection speeds

I currently have M500 fibre broadband and have to restart my router (HUB 3) daily to receive an average download of 300Mbps wired connection with no other devices attached ,otherwise the average is throttled down to 60 Mbps is there away to stop me f...

Dbear1 by Joining in
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Speed slow, especially since upgrade from 250 to 350

Hi,My broadband speed is averaging around 150-180Mbps since I've been upgraded from 250 to 350Mbps. upload is also around 10-20Mbps (I always test wired and always test with speedtest.net). My son also has random huge lag when gaming. Router is in Mo...

dave2318 by On our wavelength
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unusable internet since 3pm

what going on with my connection as its complete unusable but Virgin (like their usual useless self) say there is no issues.. Downstream bonded channelsChannel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) SNR (dB) Modulation Channel ID 12590000001.137QAM 256162139000...

fsdfds.jpg ASSSA.jpg
locky1 by Dialled in
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Superhub 5 Wi-Fi Wow!

 Am in between upgrading my Asus rt-ax86u to the newer pro model with the 2.5gb WAN and LAN ports to compliment the 2.5gb port on the Superhub 5.Whilst waiting for this to arrive I turned off modem mode on the hub and setup temporarily as my WiFi rou...

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gcarter by Superfast
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Constant low-level packet loss

For the last month or so I've been getting constant low levels of packet loss (note the red signal at the top of the chart):It doesn't seem to be affecting general day to day usage, but clearly something's not quite right. Rebooting the hub doesn't m...

tievolu by On our wavelength
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Speed question

HiI noticed recently that download speeds had dropped to around 1/3 of where they should be - only thing that had happened was another company had been digging in the street near the cabinet.Did all the usual troubleshooting to no avail. I saw that d...

b1oldie by Joining in
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Slow speeds and high ping again from 3pm 1st Aug.

Problems started around 3pm around half speed both up and down with high pings and jitter, but system check's show no reported problems yet running viginmedia page test is reports there is a problem and they are looking into it and to WAIT 24hrs befo...

SNK by Dialled in
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