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Hub status data - understanding network log messages

N Warning: Long, dull, a bit technical. NHaving needed to repeat myself a few times, I thought I'd share my understanding of what you might find in a Hub 3's network log when things go wrong, and what it means.  First of all, this post is based on my...

Andrew-G by Alessandro Volta
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Terrible service - so unstable!

i there,I got the 500mb VM broadband a couple months ago. One month later decided to replace my mobile carrier with O2 and got upgraded to Volt and promised to double my broadband connection. It actually went pretty fast for the first couple of days ...

Matmodena by On our wavelength
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Upgraded from M250 to M500 but speed has not increased

I upgraded from 250mbps to 500mbps on Tue 31/01/2023 but still getting the same speeds today (Tue 02/02/2023). https://samknows.com/realspeed/ gives "Router" speed of 274mbps.I've checked the downstream "Max Traffic Rate" which is 287500061 (287mb). ...

jwt95 by Joining in
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Gig1 package questions

Hi,When will the Gig1 package get an uplift in its upload speed?When will Gig1 package customers be able to get an Hub5?Answers to these questions will help decide after 3 years of using the service, whether to move to the competition with higher upl...

gonnella by On our wavelength
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Slow connection to office VPN

I am getting very slow read speed from my office VPN connection11Mbps write, 0.8Mbps readif I connect over hotspot 4G I get faster speed 15Mpbs read 30Mbps readA speed test of my connection is 200Mbps download 20Mbps upload 

Resolved! Can someone please check my Network Status?

Hi there,Ever since the 22nd of December I've been experiencing issues with my Broadband connection consistency. My latency has never been the best but its always been pretty smooth with no packet loss to take to the forum about.  Recently however, I...

H4rdie by Tuning in
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Constant packet loss for over a month

Hi,I've been getting constant packet loss on my BQM for about two months now.Below are graphs from the last three days:9th Dec10th Dec11th DecI have a Hub 5 and Gig 1, download and upload speeds seem unaffected during tests but other uses like games ...

799733da03fc5a8552da36c540a5c71e50537a77-09-12-2022 a437e26bb18a50f42bc74e0a08b2f7f1b8f56eb6-10-12-2022 6a9fd8341898f15e0159e452f0827cf2b7172156-11-12-2022

Broadband speed low

My contract speed is 132Mbs but i barely get 70Mbps. I have tried all the fixes but the speed is always low 70s at a maximum.Quite disappointed as i took this package to overcome streaming and user limitations and it is turning out to be no better th...

jbeat by Joining in
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Resolved! speed WITH O2

I’m with O2 and supposed to be automatically bumped up to the next speed. It’s not happened but the O2 side of double the data has been honoured. When do we get the speed upgrade? My speed seems to be slower instead of faster?! 

Resolved! Slow Upload Speed to Twitch and other platforms

Hi, the issue I'm currently having is in relation to my upload speed.To stream as a broadcaster twitch requires a consistent upload speed otherwise frames of the video feed are dropped.I have a 21 Mbps upload speed and far exceed the 6,000Kbps (6Mbps...

Gary144 by Tuning in
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