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Evening ping issue with FFXIV.

Hi there,Getting some odd ping elevations the last few evenings on FFXIV (maybe a little before, which seemed more of a routing issue on one evening)All hub stats are fine, as is my BQM,which I'll post below after some screenshots.First are some ping...

ping in day time.png ping at night.png ffxiv ping issue.png

Resolved! Broadband Upload Speed is very Low & Intermittent

I have been having a lot of issues with my Broadband connectionMy upload speed seems to be very low & intermittent.I have tested my Internet Speed countless times & I seem to get very low or non-existent reading on my Upload speedI have tried compari...

1gb vs 500mb

Do I need one 1gb (£36pm) or 500mb (22) 3 people about 20 devices connected sometimes all three of us work from home, we stream and one of us games.Live in a 3 bed semi, currently on 350mb is actually decent don’t really feel any black spots or slow ...

Paying for 500mbs but getting 275mbs

Hi allNo urgency on this as I appreciate I have only just had my broadband speed increased, the new package is now showing online and activation date has passed and I am now paying for 500mbs but only receiving maximum 275mbs.I have no router just th...

RyanWZRD by Joining in
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Resolved! Wired connection slower than Wi-Fi

I have hooked my new Fire TV Stick 4K Max via an OTG cable with a Uni USB 3.0 Hub.I have Virgin 1 Gig broadband with a  Hub 4 acting as a modem which is connected to my Orbi router.When I checked the Wi-Fi speed I was getting around 430mbps. When I h...

Resolved! Speed

Hi, I have now been connected, is it the usual thing before getting the top speed like other ISPs they run tests to make sure you get the speed in your plan which takes a few days. Or should I be getting the speed for my plan which is M125, because l...

Resolved! only getting 80-90Mbps on 1Gig package

Hi, ever since VM did work in my area a few weeks back my internet speeds seemed to have suffered drastically, it first sat around 500mb after the work was completed but now just sits around 80-100mb 99% of the time. I've done multiple router reboots...

Harry_C by On our wavelength
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Not getting near 1Gig

Just received and finished setting up my new Hub5 as part of being upgraded to the 1Gig planHowever, our speed seems to be highly erratic ranging from as low as 66MB/s to a high of 746MB/s (The average appears to be between 600 and 700Mb/s(The hub wa...

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Gatt by Joining in
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Major Speed difference on devices with and without vpn?

Newbie here so be nice plz? Got the 1gig package from vm and the speeds r all over the place . 1 test can show iPhone at 500mg then test again and its 80mg , that’s vpn off , vpn on (wire guard) its 45mg or slower .Firestick 4k max on Wi-Fi only achi...

WGas by Just joined
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Awful Latency Issues

I've never got the full service I pay for with Virgin Media but things have taken a turn for the worse.Over the last little while I have had terrible latency mainly in the evenings to the point where it's almost pointless having the internet.I've gon...