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(Very) Slow Cloudflare Proxied Websites

Hi all,This week I have had FTTP Virgin Media 500M installed, through SpeedTest.net I'm getting results of 550mbit down & 54mbit up -- great (via ethernet).However, I've noticed some major lag when visiting my work websites. They are all public-facin...

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Asus RT-AX82U speed on 1Gig Fibre

Hi,I've just upgraded to 1 Gig Fibre. I use the Hub 5.0 in modem mode connected to my Asus RT-AX82U router with a mesh system. I tested the speed when I received the hub 5.0 and was achieving 1100 Mbps+. I have a large house and outbuilding so need t...

Upload speed is abysmal NE4

Hello, currently haveing an issue with my speeds.Download speed with the exception of last week (it droped to 60 untill a restart) is fine always between 440 and 500. upload however is repeatedly droping down to anywhere between 0.00 and 0.50 mbps, w...

Additional wifi pods?

I use a VM wifi pod to extend signal to a home office, but also need to extend it to an upstairs room which has no usable signal. Does anyone know if VM typically provide more than one wifi pod, and if not then what would be comparable hardware that ...

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Resolved! Rubbish service

Been with virgin 13 years, upgraded package a few weeks ago, was getting 250mps  new download speed 350mps, lost Internet so virgin reset my hub, done this online, lost all recordings on TV box, download speed is now 136mps, called 150 spoke to virgi...

1Gig Anyone having upload speed problems, South/South West

Hay all hope everyone is well,So i am haveing upload speed issues ATM, Normally my upload is exactly what we should be getting on the 1gig service, This is on a wired connection But last 2-3 days so far my upload has dropped from around 110-100 mbps ...

normal download speeds but lower than expected upload speeds.

I've been with vm for about a year now, not had that many problems with it apart from the occasional outage in my area. but recently I've been getting extremely low upload speeds, from the 100 or something I'm meant to be getting I'm only getting 10....

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Constant small packet loss dips in SS2

For the past week ive been getting persistent little spikes in packet loss and I am noticing it ingame.Is there currently an issue in my area, no point in calling up as I never get anywhere and now the tech support has business hours so if my interne...